Nailed it.

Excuse the terrible, uninventive puns I’m using as titles at the moment. I’m sure I’ll have more creativity soon!

Anyway, have you ever had a complete beauty disaster? I bet everyone has, but I’m exceedingly proud that I’ve made a complete success out of it, albeit indirectly. Intrigued? Well, owing to an unfortunate interaction with a box of hair dye a few weeks ago, my nails managed to get stained a rather fetching shade of dark brown – really not a good look. No amount of scrubbing, nail polish remover, cream cleaner, toothpaste, lemon juice or bleach would remove the stains (yes, I tried EVERYTHING), so I’ve been having to cover up for a little while.

Luckily, this is great; I love having painted nails. Annoyingly, I’d lost a few helping a friend move, so they’re still a tad short for my liking, but hey. So, I’ve been really enjoying having pretty nails all the time – except for one thing. I’m bored of all my colours. It’s too summery for the dark, glittery, shiny winter colours I favour, and my nails have been far too short for those anyway. I don’t tend to wear light shades except for nail art, so while I do actually have all the colours of the rainbow, they just weren’t going to work on their own.

I was sitting looking at my box of polish, thinking, ‘gosh, I wish I had a pale turquoise’. I didn’t, but what I did have were these two Barry M colours, which on their own, I hate:


So I mixed them together on a bit of plastic to see what I could come up with. And I’m dead pleased with the results.


Et voila! The perfect summery pale turquoise. Ring fingers with a coat of the beautiful A-England Morgan le Fay, a sheer white glitter (accidentally applied, after my top coat had some left on the brush from last time, so I went with it). I’m not sure I like a differently coloured ring finger, but I’ll never be able to match the plain turquoise exactly, so glittery ring fingers it is.

I love it. I’m really hoping that someone asks me what colour it is so I can burst out “MWAHAHAHAH IT’S MINE, IT’S MINE!”… That’s not an inappropriate response, right?

I’ll definitely be seeing what other colours I have that I can mix up. Have you ever tried this? How did it go? Recommendations for colours that mix well would be very welcome!


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