My weekend in Oxford :)

This is quite a picture-heavy post, sorry. That’s also why it’s Wednesday and I haven’t got round to putting this post up yet!

I usually visit my boyfriend in Oxford at the weekends during the holidays, and ended up combining that this week with a trip to Oxfam’s headquarters for the Oxfam Open House day. A friend of mine interned with them a little while ago, and said I should look into it, as it seemed like my sort of thing; despite my qualms (it seemed like charity work ought to be a vocation), I actually really enjoyed the day and loved the opportunity to have a look around. I really appreciated how open Oxfam was, and the enthusiasm for the business that everyone had.

The lovely Oxfam building.

It helped, of course, that there was such a carnival feeling to the day, with gorgeous sunshine and lots of hands-on activities and displays – they even made me a balloon hat!

Isn’t it gorgeous? One bit of it burst, but hey.

After that, I headed into town to meet up with the boy. Being the mature and excellent adults we are, we watched Doctor Who, went out for ice cream and went to the park.



Boyfriend’s too tall for the monkey bars 😦

Everyone needs a hi-G coupley photo on a roundabout, right?

Hurrah! We finally managed to coordinate a ‘coming-out-of-the-slide’ photo!

This park is excellent, and quite special to me – we had an after-dark champagne picnic here for our six month anniversary, during which we managed to startle two baby badgers into joining us! No badgers this time, just a few small children, but it was still a pretty fun way to spend a morning 🙂

All in all, it was a really lovely weekend, filled with fun and usefulness and glorious late summer sun. I love being in Oxford with the boy, and can’t wait to head back up on Friday!


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