Things I’ll miss in Oxford #1

This bad boy. This is my Sherlock Holmes picture, and it is giant. As a reference, that little photo on the right (d’aww, Boyfriend and I being cute at the ball) is a standard 6″ by 8″ photo. Sherlock is biiiig.

It would have to be, since it’s not just a picture, but also…


Yep. This is from Spineless Classics, which take the text of a book and make it into artwork. It was a birthday present from my parents last year, and I love it to pieces.

But it’s just too big for my new room 😦  I have next to no wall space, and what I do have is slanty, since I’m on the top floor.

So poor Sherlock has to stay here at home, and I have to be unHolmesed in Oxford. That definitely means I can take all the books, right? 😀


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