Outfit of the Day: 25th September

A slightly strange one today. I’m in costume!

I had my eBay parcel this morning, and it was the dress for my Belle costume!

Oxford is very VERY keen on fancy-dress college parties, known as ‘bops’. We all dress up to a theme and head out to a club, which is booked by one, two or sometimes three colleges for exclusive use. It’s a fantastic way to party, especially if you’re not much for clubbing (like me) because you don’t like the crush of random strangers trying to feel you up. It’s much, much friendlier!

The first bop of the year at my college is always themed to the college initials. Previously I’ve been as Boudicca and Bowie (both red-headed costumes!), but now I have brown hair again I thought I’d try a costume I have always wanted to do: Belle from Beauty and the Beast. So I tried on my dress, and I love it so much I never want to take it off!

Dress: Karma Clothing (on eBay)

Shirt: H&M

(this is actually my sub-fusc shirt, which is the uniform we have to wear when we take exams, so I might have to buy a new one in case it gets messy. Bops do get messy.)

Apron: Actually just a white pashmina carefully pinned. I’ll cut it to the right shape later.

The hair is all mine, and will require a little more styling, ’cause I have too many fringy bits to go into Belle’s loose ponytail. Belle doesn’t look like she’s wearing any make-up, but being a cartoon character, has way redder lips than me naturally, so I went for a very simple look for the face, with red lips (Max Factor Lipfinity Pen in Royal Plum), and just basic brown eyeliner and shadow (No7 and Chilli Pepper, respectively).

Nails are Rimmel Perfect Plum (not relevant, just what I had on yesterday), and the book is ‘The Fifth Form at St Dominic’s’ by Talbot Baines Reed, because it caught my eye on the shelf!

I really love this costume. The dress isn’t quite the right colour, or shape at the top, but that doesn’t matter too much, and obviously it’s far too short, but it’s a bop costume. We go to clubs. I’m not going in a midi skirt!


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