Hi guys,

I know I’m only new, but I’m going to have to go on a little hiatus for a bit – I need to catch up with a lot of school work, and there’s lots of… you know… life stuff going on that I really ought to concentrate on. I should be back soon, as soon as I feel like I’ve got time in my week to post!

Sorry, and hopefully see you soon.

Asha x

Autumn Nails!

Natural (next to no) light


So, my parents are lovely and sent me a little surprise in the post – China Glaze’s Harvest Moon polish, from the Hunger Games collection. Ever since I saw Jessica’s Pumpkin Delight polish, I’ve been wishing for a pretty sparkly orange colour, and this is even better! It’s so perfect for autumn, and it’s fascinating to have on your fingers. The first day I wore it, I kept getting distracted in the library, it was so sparkly. It’s a good formula, too, a more chemical smell than I’ve ever had before, but it dries quickly and evenly.

It was crying out to be made even more autumnal, so I added little leaves in Jessica Shall We Dance (sparkly red) and Notorious (a deep brown with red sparkles). The first picture is just to show the design, but the flash is much much truer to the bright colours, although it wipes out the red somewhat. I really really love having this on my nails, it’s so pretty and it’s had so many compliments! Do you like the idea of seasonal nail polish, or do you just wear the same colours all year round?




Tiny Lush Haul

Yay for Christmas!

Lush’s Christmas stock is here! I spent a lovely twenty minutes browsing all the new things with a very helpful (and very pretty!) assistant. I’d seen the Enchanter (the bath bomb on the left) reviewed on girlfridaysblog and decided I had to buy one, and was completely blown away by the gorgeous fragrance. It’s a citrussy woody sort of smell, really autumnal and exactly what I feel like after a long day at the moment.

Then I was tempted by the toffee-apple scented Fizzbanger (on the right), which apparently has popping candy inside it, so that should be fun! Did you know that there’s no apple essential oil, and they have to use other scents to reproduce an apple-y smell? I have to say, they did an incredible job, and I’ll be going back for a So White, which is also apple scented.

The soap in front is Mr Punch, one of the Christmas soaps.My piece isn’t as pretty as the big pieces i the shop, ’cause the assistant didn’t cut a slice with any colourful sections, so it’s just a really deep pink (with one grey section). It smells fruity and dark, and apparently is made with real gin! I might see if Boyfriend likes the smell and get him some… I had been planning on getting him a Midnight Massage bar, since the Each Peach is getting a little sickly (it smells like yellow Strepsils!), but it’s absolutely covered in glitter, and I don’t know if he’ll go for that!

Do you like the look of any of the Lush Christmas stuff? I know I’ll be going back pretty soon to grab some more – probably the pepperminty White North Pole, and the Snow Globe soap.

New Books!

It’s been a little while since I posted, sorry. The first couple of weeks are always really busy, but I think I’m just about organised now. I’m going to try to post twice, maybe three times a week from now on.

So, being back in Oxford means being back in bookland, and it was only going to be so long before being in libraries all day made me long for book buying! Add to that the fact that I just got a sort-of job with Blackwell’s, the big awesome Oxford bookshop, that gives me a 30% discount on all books, well, let’s make that ‘so long’ into ‘about five minutes’. Without any further ado, here’s what I’ve acquired:


From the £2 bookshop in town:

Sisters Red – Jackson Pearce

The Goose Girl – Shannon Hale

Listening to Britain – Paul Addison and Jeremy Crang

Oscar’s Books – Thomas Wright

From Blackwell:

Dracula – Bram Stoker (free)

Fairies and Fairy Stories: A History – Diane Purkiss

In Search of the Dark Ages – Michael Wood

Selected Poems 1923-1958 – E. E. Cummings

I’m so excited to get reading again! I’ll have to make some time, but I’m really looking forward to some of these. What should I read first?


Superdrug Bargains

I was just browsing Superdrug on my way back from college. I couldn’t find any of the nail polishes I’d been coveting, but I did pick up some really fab bargains I’ll let you in on!

Pretty much all hairdye is on offer, so I got two boxes for £5.99. Pretty boring! My night cream (Nivea Pure and Natural) is also just on offer, at £2.99 (usually £5.10, although I bought my last pot on offer too!).

The really awesome bargain is that all Johnson’s Face Care is on offer: 2 for £3.99. My day cream costs £4.05 normally! So that’s two pots for less than the price of one. I really had to stop myself stocking up on more than two (sadly I’d never get through them…). They had quite a few things that would have worked out equally bargainous, so it’s worth a look.

Just thought I’d let you all know, in case you use any of these!

A-England Guinevere

Just a quick post to let you know I’m still alive. I moved into my new room in Oxford at the weekend, and I have an exam on Thursday, so it’s been pretty hectic here. Once I’ve got that all sorted, I’ve got some really awesome posts planned, including:

– A tour of my new room

– Pictures of my two fancy dress costumes for this weekend

– Some book reviews

-Outfit posts galore!

And quite a lot more!

But for now, here’s a picture of the pretty colour I have on my nails.

A-England Guinevere

I was given several A-England polishes for my birthday earlier in the year, and they very quickly became my favourite polishes ever. The Arthurian names hooked me, but the gorgeous colours, lovely formula and really easy application means I reach for them more than any others. They dry super quick and super shiny, and you can usually get away with just two coats (one for the shiny/holo colours!).

Guinevere was my least favourite when I opened my parcel (I got Guinevere, King Arthur, Lady of the Lake, Tristram and Morgan le Fay) because I usually wear dark or bright colours, not traditionally ‘pretty’ pinks and purples. But once I tried it, I really fell in love.

In the photo above, and in direct summer sunlight, this is a very feisty bright lilac. It’s a very even, thick creme colour. But in other lights (like most light in England!), it’s a soft, dusty purple, almost grey-tinged, neutral kind of purple. It’s gorgeous, basically!

It’s not blotchy, it’s just that reflective!

I really can’t recommend A England polishes enough. They’re all beautiful, even the ones you don’t think you’ll like! I’m excited to try the new Gothic Beauties range, they seem perfect for winter. Have you tried anything from this brand?