A-England Guinevere

Just a quick post to let you know I’m still alive. I moved into my new room in Oxford at the weekend, and I have an exam on Thursday, so it’s been pretty hectic here. Once I’ve got that all sorted, I’ve got some really awesome posts planned, including:

– A tour of my new room

– Pictures of my two fancy dress costumes for this weekend

– Some book reviews

-Outfit posts galore!

And quite a lot more!

But for now, here’s a picture of the pretty colour I have on my nails.

A-England Guinevere

I was given several A-England polishes for my birthday earlier in the year, and they very quickly became my favourite polishes ever. The Arthurian names hooked me, but the gorgeous colours, lovely formula and really easy application means I reach for them more than any others. They dry super quick and super shiny, and you can usually get away with just two coats (one for the shiny/holo colours!).

Guinevere was my least favourite when I opened my parcel (I got Guinevere, King Arthur, Lady of the Lake, Tristram and Morgan le Fay) because I usually wear dark or bright colours, not traditionally ‘pretty’ pinks and purples. But once I tried it, I really fell in love.

In the photo above, and in direct summer sunlight, this is a very feisty bright lilac. It’s a very even, thick creme colour. But in other lights (like most light in England!), it’s a soft, dusty purple, almost grey-tinged, neutral kind of purple. It’s gorgeous, basically!

It’s not blotchy, it’s just that reflective!

I really can’t recommend A England polishes enough. They’re all beautiful, even the ones you don’t think you’ll like! I’m excited to try the new Gothic Beauties range, they seem perfect for winter. Have you tried anything from this brand?


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