Superdrug Bargains

I was just browsing Superdrug on my way back from college. I couldn’t find any of the nail polishes I’d been coveting, but I did pick up some really fab bargains I’ll let you in on!

Pretty much all hairdye is on offer, so I got two boxes for £5.99. Pretty boring! My night cream (Nivea Pure and Natural) is also just on offer, at £2.99 (usually £5.10, although I bought my last pot on offer too!).

The really awesome bargain is that all Johnson’s Face Care is on offer: 2 for £3.99. My day cream costs £4.05 normally! So that’s two pots for less than the price of one. I really had to stop myself stocking up on more than two (sadly I’d never get through them…). They had quite a few things that would have worked out equally bargainous, so it’s worth a look.

Just thought I’d let you all know, in case you use any of these!


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