Tiny Lush Haul

Yay for Christmas!

Lush’s Christmas stock is here! I spent a lovely twenty minutes browsing all the new things with a very helpful (and very pretty!) assistant. I’d seen the Enchanter (the bath bomb on the left) reviewed on girlfridaysblog and decided I had to buy one, and was completely blown away by the gorgeous fragrance. It’s a citrussy woody sort of smell, really autumnal and exactly what I feel like after a long day at the moment.

Then I was tempted by the toffee-apple scented Fizzbanger (on the right), which apparently has popping candy inside it, so that should be fun! Did you know that there’s no apple essential oil, and they have to use other scents to reproduce an apple-y smell? I have to say, they did an incredible job, and I’ll be going back for a So White, which is also apple scented.

The soap in front is Mr Punch, one of the Christmas soaps.My piece isn’t as pretty as the big pieces i the shop, ’cause the assistant didn’t cut a slice with any colourful sections, so it’s just a really deep pink (with one grey section). It smells fruity and dark, and apparently is made with real gin! I might see if Boyfriend likes the smell and get him some… I had been planning on getting him a Midnight Massage bar, since the Each Peach is getting a little sickly (it smells like yellow Strepsils!), but it’s absolutely covered in glitter, and I don’t know if he’ll go for that!

Do you like the look of any of the Lush Christmas stuff? I know I’ll be going back pretty soon to grab some more – probably the pepperminty White North Pole, and the Snow Globe soap.


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