Hundreds of books, thousands of books!

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 12.54.15

I read a lot of books. Usually somewhere between 140 and 200 a year. But I buy a lot of books too – last year around 250! This is a screenshot of my To Be Read spreadsheet, which I set up last year to keep track of the unread books I own (I’m still camera-less, but screenshots need no cable, huzzah).

Every book that comes into my room goes on this list, and I just delete them from the spreadsheet when I’ve finished with them (I keep a list of what’s read over here at Not Even Lions). I add information in the third column like B for Begun (as in, what I’m currently reading), N for Non-Fiction (I have a tendency to buy it and then not read it) and whether or not it’s borrowed. The fourth column shows what date it was bought, with C before a year indicating Christmas, and pre meaning before 2008 (but I can’t remember when) – this is just to remind me of the long wait some of my books have had, as I also keep a list of what I’ve acquired, when, and how much it was at Not Even Lions.

So, as of today, the list stands at 184 – when I got home from Oxford on Sunday, it was at 196, so I’ve made some progress! I doubt it will ever get down to zero, but that’s okay, as long as I get to everything eventually…

How do you keep track of your TBR list? Tell me about your organisation system in the comments, and let me know if you’d like a picture of the TBR books themselves!

Asha x


2 thoughts on “Hundreds of books, thousands of books!

  1. Well, not all of them were bought, I count presents and books I’ve borrowed from people too. But I reckon about 180 were bought? I did spend a long weekend in Hay on Wye, which accounted for about 40 or so in just a few days 😛
    I’ve added you on Goodreads, I love seeing other people’s TBR lists 😀

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