Mini Haul: Jessica Nail Polish

IMG_1658Returning home for the holidays means returning to my gym and spa membership at Nirvana Spa, which is an excellent thing. Obviously it’s good to get some exercise, but far far better is sinking into the swimming pool-sized jacuzzi, or the scented steam room, or even just having a quiet moment on the heated stone loungers in the faux-Roman tepidarium. Of course, this tranquil haven comes with many opportunities to spend more on top of the exorbitant membership fees: the spa stocks Mii mineral make up, Decleor skin care, their own range of fruity body wash and moisturiser (although they no longer do the lovely sweetie-flavoured things) and my favourite, Jessica nail products. These are fairly expensive, but since there’s no real money involved anywhere in the spa, it’s easy to just swipe your membership card and pretend it’s not linked to your bank account.

Technically, the Critical Care base coat wasn’t part of this: it was my mum’s, but it doesn’t suit her nails any more, so she passed it on to me. This is supposed to strengthen weak, bendy nails, and after one application it’s impossible to tell how well it works. My nails are incredibly short at the moment, due to splitting, bending, and a very stressful couple of terms, so hopefully this will keep them growing so I can start painting them again! (You might have noticed a lack of nail themed posts…)

The mini bottle of Pumpkin Delight was part of the Autumn 2012 collection, and it was sold out whenever I went in. I found this mini bottle tucked away this week and had to have it. It’s a glittery copper foil which is very similar to China Glaze’s Harvest Moon (here) but leans slightly redder, just enough that I can justify owning both… just.

And finally, there’s Platinum Wishes, from the Christmas 2012 Glamarama collection. This was the last bottle left, and it caught my eye with its gorgeous greeny-grey-based glitter. However, I wish I’d swatched it before buying, as this is actually quite sparse glitter in a clear base, which I find so annoying! Barry M is guilty of this too, producing bottles that look like full on, opaque glitters but providing glorified top coats. Too much faff. This does look beautiful over dark colours, though: I’ve seen it swatched over black for a real colour pop, and I’m currently wearing it over Jessica’s Vampy Vixen, a deep metallic green which is the colour I thought this would be. It looks fabulous!

I’m still debating whether to get Gingersnap, the cold silvery-gold foil, and Champagne Bubbles, the, well, champagne foil, from the Autumn 2012 Spice collection. I don’t know how much wear I’d get out of them, really, but they’re so pretty! I’m still kicking myself for not picking up any of the Summer 2012 pastels, they were so pretty and this year’s spring pastels don’t compare. Does anyone know anywhere that sells LE Jessica polishes? Or indeed, can you point me in the direction of any good pastel dupes?

(Strangely, Nirvana still has polishes from the Autumn 2011 Peacock collection. I’m planning on picking up Smokey Feather, a shimmery sparkly charcoal, and Bronze-Tailed, which is the same formula as Smokey Feather but bronze. Doing a little bit of research, they even still have Casablanca, which seems to be from the Spring 2010 collection!)

While I’m pretty pleased with these, I’ve learned my lesson and will try not to buy polish without swatching it properly, as I’ve been disappointed a few times. Have you found any polishes to be ideal in the bottle but not that impressive on the nails?

Asha x


3 thoughts on “Mini Haul: Jessica Nail Polish

  1. Are you a redditor at all? Because you should totally check out /r/redditlaqueristas and /r/randomactsofpolish if so! (It’s where I’ve been checking colours before I buy them).

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