My Seven Beauty Sins (and why I don’t mind sinning!)

1. I pluck on top of my eyebrows. I am, apparently, descended from wolves, and if I didn’t pluck the tops of my eyebrows, they would very enthusiastically leap up to join my hairline at my temples, and probably start to encroach on my forehead too.

I would actually look like this. A scary thought.

2. I brush my hair while it’s wet. I know it breaks the strands and can cause split ends, but if I didn’t brush my hair two or three times while it was drying, it would knot into a big birds nest and I’d have to wash it again just to get the tangles out!

3. Further to that, I wash my hair in very hot water, the hottest I can get out of the shower. I know it’s not good, but it takes me at least 15 minutes to wash my hair and comb it through, and I refuse to stand under a cold shower for that long…

4. I also take incredibly hot baths, almost too hot to sit in at first. I really struggle to keep warm in the winter, and sinking into a scalding bath is the most wonderful way to keep warm! I counteract the drying effect with slathers of body butter, so I don’t think it’s too bad.

I wish this was my bathtub!

5. I keep eye make up past its recommended date. I’m a student! I can’t afford to be buying new mascara every three months! Plus, I don’t share my make up and I try to keep it hygienic (not pumping mascara in the tube, keeping it all covered in the bathroom, washing brushes) so it can’t be that bad.

6. I tend to pull off false nails and pick off nail polish rather than removing them properly. This one I do actually mind, as I can see what a state it leaves my nails in, so I really need to stop this (although it does stop me biting my nails).

7. This one is slightly outdated in terms of etiquette, but I apply and reapply lipstick in public. I am very paranoid that my lip colour will fade in patches, and with products like the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains which are pretty much lip balms, I don’t think this is too heinous a beauty crime… I draw the line at reapplying anything else though!

I promise I only do it with my hands, though..

What’s the worst thing you do as part of your beauty routine?

Asha x


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