Review: Rimmel Apocalips

Yes, I got sucked in by the blogger hype. I picked up three colours of the Rimmel Apocalips in a 3 for 2 deal from Tesco a couple of weeks ago, but wanted to give them a proper test out before I reviewed them, as my feelings towards them have flip-flopped about!


Top to bottom: Apocaliptic, Big Bang, Galaxy

I bought Big Bang, a bright scarlet, Apocaliptic, a bright fuchsia pink, and Galaxy, a muted purple-pink.

On first application, five minutes after getting home and half an hour before going to bed, I loved these. I liked the colour pay-off a lot, and found them quite easy to apply.

On second application, I hated them. I began to notice the smell/taste of them, which is really chemically, once I’d seen it pointed out in a couple of reviews. I also found them very messy to apply – the liquidness of the lipstick meant that I found it hard to keep within my lipline, and the bright colours meant it was very very difficult to clean up if I made a mistake. I also found that the colour came off on my teeth at the slightest movement, leaving me a little vampire-y. I still loved the colours, but not all over my face!


Left to right: Apocaliptic, Galaxy, Big Bang

So I put them aside for a couple of days and thought that I’d just have to learn from my mistake and not get so caught up in hype. But then, I was rearranging my make up drawer and had a sudden brainwave – perhaps I could use them more like an actual lipstick, and blot them for less mess? I rushed to the bathroom and tried it with Apocaliptic. I was right! Still, this seemed like a lot of effort for a look I could get with an easy stain, so back in the drawer they went.


Left to right: Galaxy, Big Bang, Apocaliptic

The next time I used them (in Saturday’s outfit post), I compromised. I wiped most of the excess product off the applicator before putting it on my lips, which made the colour easier to control and much less smudgy. And I love them again! I think my mistake was trying to apply this like a lipgloss, glooping it on with a heavy hand and assuming it would finish like a lipstick. Well, it doesn’t. But once you’ve gotten used to the weird formula, these are really very good.

You have to let them sort of set on your lips – no, they don’t go all plasticky, but something happens in the first ten minutes that turns this from a smudgy get-all-over-your-tongue-when-you-lick-your-lips nightmare to pretty long lasting colour. So no eating, drinking, kissing for ten to fifteen minutes; if you’re the kind of person who can’t wait til their nail polish dries, then this lipstick is not for you.

The packaging is lovely – I like the faceted black plastic and the fact that the colour shows at the bottom, letting you choose easily. The colours are wonderfully bright – I don’t like Galaxy on my lips very much, I find it too purple, but it might work better as an autumn colour. Big Bang and Apocaliptic, though, are beautiful, almost neon shades that work really really well with the glossy finish for a very put-together look. Apocaliptic in particular is my current favourite for spring – be warned, though, I found it almost impossible to photograph. It’s a very very bright fuchsia with blue undertones, but it looks very similar to Big Bang in my photos. So go forth and swatch it yourself, or at the very least look up some better swatches online before you buy.

Top to bottom: Galaxy, Big Bang, Apocaliptic

Top to bottom: Galaxy, Big Bang, Apocaliptic. First two inside, last one outside to TRY to get the right colour to show.

Overall, I give these a 7.5 out of 10. The product itself isn’t the easiest thing to work with, but I like the end result, so a fairly high score from me. Have you tried these? I’d love to hear what you think!

Asha x


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