I’ve been shopping again…

IMG_1854But only a little bit!

I was meeting a friend for lunch and our rendezvous point was Lush – dangerous, I know… Being out of Oxford for a couple of weeks meant that I hadn’t bought anything from Lush for a little while, so I allowed myself a budget of £15 to buy myself a little treat. I was surprised to see the From Dusk To Dawn Massage Bar was still in the shop, since I thought it was a limited edition for Valentines Day, and all the Lush people seemed as confused as I was, so I thought I’d grab another one in case they do eventually disappear! I also bought a mid-size bottle of Dirty Springwash Shower Gel, having been won over to it the last time I was in Lush on account of its dark mint, which is very similar to my discontinued favourite soap (although not the same: bring back Ice Blue!).

IMG_1856IMG_1861From Superdrug, I sought out Sleek’s Rose Gold blush after seeing it on many a beauty blog. This is, believe it or not, my first ever proper blush. I’ve often used Benefit’s Benetint or even a No7 lipstick to put a bit of colour in my cheeks, but never a purpose-made blush, so I’m excited to see how I get on with this pretty coral-gold blush!

IMG_1866Then while I was at the till I made the mistake of letting my eye get caught by Rimmel Pear Drop nail polish, a pretty minty-turquoise polish which I thought would quell my longing for spring colours. I’m actually pretty disappointed with this, though. It’s a very frosty green, with incredibly visible brushstrokes, but this shimmer wasn’t at all noticeable in the bottle. Also, it’s a lot greener than it appears in the picture – I really need to get a new camera, my phone is terrible at getting colours to read true. Still, the search for a plain mint green continues.

Do you think the Sleek blush is worth the hype? Oh, and can you recommend me a good springish mint green? I like the colour of the Illamasqua green speckle, but I don’t want the speckly bits!

Asha x





11 thoughts on “I’ve been shopping again…

    • Ooh, I’ve looked up some swatches and that’s gorgeous! Looks like a pretty close thing to what I’m after – I just wish it was a little Rimmel-ier in price… 😛 Thanks for the recommendation!

      • No problem! I love it – a friend of mine has it and now I’ve been paid I might invest! Been on a bit of an illamasqua hype lately! Hope you find something lovely!

            • How exciting! I’m waiting for Ascalon from A-England to wing its way to me from this weekend’s sale, I know the feeling! Which ones did you get? I really like the look of Muse…

              • Oh my! I got collide and gamma this time- perfect brights! I’m off on holiday in June so I’ll be doing some sunshine manis with them! Also, some of the super-bright shades glow under UV lights! I had that pleasant surprise when I went out with a friend a while ago :).

                I have a fair few of illamasqua’s polishes though – I’m in love with the speckled ones!

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