What’s on my bedside table?

I’ve seen this kind of post around on a couple of blogs, and loved it, mostly because I’m a very nosy person who loves to have a peek into other people’s lives and habits. I also want to show off a bit because I actually built this bedside table about an hour ago – not only am I proud of my handiwork, I thought I’d take this opportunity to photograph it while it’s all still tidy!

IMG_1886On the top, clockwise from bottom left: current read (fantastic!), my watch and the ring I wear every day, box of tissues and glass of water, lamp, elephant box, alarm clock, and glasses.

littleboxI picked up this gorgeous little box at the pop up shop at Oxfam’s Open House this summer, and it houses my vitamins!


In the little drawer, I’ve put the beauty bits I like to use before bed – Bio Oil as moisturiser, Jessica Nails Critical Care treatment, L’Occitane hand cream, Nivea lip balm (I don’t like the colour of this, so I only wear it in bed), and in the owl pot is some N-Spa foot butter I decanted out of its stupid squeezy tube. The contents of this drawer will probably change – I haven’t had a bedside table at home for about four years, so I’m not sure how much bedside junk I’ll attract.

IMG_1888On the bottom shelf, I’ve stacked up some current or read-next books: Perseus and Juvenal to translate for uni; The Alchemist of Souls, which Rowan lent me on Monday; The Wise Man’s Fear, which I’m ekeing out until we at least have some news of the next book; and Rebels and Traitors, which sadly isn’t as awesome as Davis’ Falco series.

On the middle shelf is my Gameboy (complete with Pokemon Sapphire) and I’ll probably store my laptop in here too, when I’m not blogging!

Have you done a post like this? I’d love to see, leave me some links!

Asha x



2 thoughts on “What’s on my bedside table?

  1. I, too, have seen several bedtime beauty posts posted recently – you have may have just inspired me to add one of my own! Nice handiwork with your new bedside table! I have had my eye on a set of night stands that have a handy little extra shelf for books built in, and since my fiance and I are big book fans I’ve all but decided to place the order!

    • Oh, all my furniture has to have space for books! I really wanted one that had at least one shelf to at least tuck *some* of my current reads away tidily… You should definitely do a post when they arrive and you feel all organised! 🙂

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