A Great Sprawling Haul: Part One

So… I went shopping again… Although in my defence it was planned this time (mostly)! The things I planned might have grabbed a few other things to join them in my basket, though…


The most boring things here were planned:

Two boxes of hair dye, to sort out the stripy, multi-coloured mess that is my hair (bottom half auburn, then 8 inches of the colour I actually want to be, then four inches of my natural lighter hair) before I head back to college.

The most amazing cotton pads in the world! They’re huge – I can do my whole face or all ten nails with one, instead of four tiny round ones. They’re very absorbent and soft and quilty. They never come apart at the sides like cheap ones. They are from Lloyds and they are a complete necessity to me now (as far as cotton pads can be). I only picked them up by mistake originally, but I’m in love.

IMG_1913These were also planned, to a certain extent. I knew I needed new foundation, as I’m sick of looking orange and plastic (what happened, Maybelline? I loved you so…) so I was on a bit of a mission to find some sort of new base. I’m lucky in that I have very clear skin, so I don’t need very much coverage, but I have very dark circles, so I do need a good concealer – a sensible two products, rather than trying to force one to do both! I liked the look of the Healthy Mix formula, and it actually went light enough for me, so I’m hoping I’ll get on well with this!

Free if you spent over £12 on Bourjois in Superdrug was this little beauty:

round potThe Little Round Pot in Rose Ambré (not Rose Amber, which is entirely different for some reason). Now I couldn’t get a very good swatch of this in the shop, so I mostly chose this one because it had this cute little design, unlike the others in the basic Bourjois packaging. Also, I love roses!

IMG_1919Next up was this moderately unnecessary buy. I mean, I wanted it, and I’ve wanted it for a few months since I tried that lovely sample, but I didn’t need to buy it today. It’s not expensive, and it might be nice to try with my new liquid foundation.

On a not very sensible note, does anyone else look at this little pot and just see Javert in his little blue hat? It’s really making me giggle!

The next little lot grabbed me at the till. I’m very pleased with them though!

IMG_1912Yep, I fell for them. These were on 3 for 2, and I got suckered in. I have a reason, though! I tried to paint my nails coral last night but completely forgot that I hated my coral polish for being too dark and too orange. This one looks really nice! AND, I’m currently wearing Greenberry (yes, as soon as I got home) and it is the aqua/mint/turquoise I wanted Rimmel Pear Drop to be, so I’m happy. And Pomegranate, in the middle, looked like it would match my new shirt. So there.

Some necessaries and some loves, and actually, not a lip product in sight! May I be absolved?

Have you tried any of these? How did you get on with the Healthy Mix foundation and concealer, if you’ve tried it? I’ve never had liquid foundation before!

Asha x


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