A Great Sprawling Haul: Part Two

This time, spring clothing and ball gowns! …plus one more little beauty buy. I can’t help myself!

This weather is driving me mad – it’s cold, but it’s spring! I’m ready to move on with my wardrobe, but reluctant to do a huge shopping trip just in case it never gets warm again.

Without further ado, then, here is what I bought to ease me into April dressing. The first three items I bought are from H&M in High Wycombe – does anyone else find that some branches are full of things you love, while you can’t find anything in others? I never find anything I like in Reading’s H&M, but the High Wycombe one is a treasure trove for me! I’ve tried to find these items on the website to link for you, but it is a nightmare with no search function, so I’ve only been partially successful.

IMG_1920This coral ombre jumper is quite thin and sheer, but still a bit warmer than a t-shirt, if I put a cami underneath!. It came in shades of cobalt, too, which I thought I’d prefer, but something about this coral works beautifully on me, and I fell in love with it! It’s also a near perfect match for Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Papaya, if you’re feeling matchy. This was £19.99, but I can’t find this on the website.


This t-shirt is super pretty, if a little sheer, and it’s very spring-like. I need to get a new nude bra, as mine is too tall (if you know what I mean?) and peeks out the top of this shirt, but it’s not that low-cut, I just have a ridiculous bra. In the meantime I’m wearing it with a cream cami. This was £12.99 and I actually found it on the website!

IMG_1922This shirt doesn’t look massively exciting, but it is so soft and silky. It’s also a really flattering raspberry pink (and again, matches Barry M Gelly Pomegranate!). It’s cut slightly oddly, being quite short at the front but a normal length at the back (so not a normal dipped hem), but it’ll work tucked into things or knotted at the front. It also, miraculously for a button-up shirt, fits me across both the shoulders and the chest, hurrah! This was also £12.99.

IMG_1921This lovely is from Next – a cream lace blazer that caught my eye as being the sort of thing that would get labelled ‘Perfect for a Summer Wedding!!’ in a fashion magazine. I don’t have any summer weddings to go to, but I think this will be a nice smart cover up for days out. It’s soft and quite light, but should do me nicely for spring. This was £32 and can be found here, but take note, I did cut out the ridiculous shoulder pads to make the silhouette a little softer. It looks like it also comes in black.

Finally, then, is a little something I found in HomeSense (kind of like a TK Maxx for the home) when I was looking for a bedside table. They have a little beauty section with cut price designer brands (a good place to find TIGI duos, if you like those) and I spied some lovely Nails Inc sets…


This is a trio of two Belgrave Place polishes and an Elizabeth Street, which cost me all of £7.99 – amazing when you think that one of these alone retails for £11. Belgrave Place is a bright Cadbury purple colour; it’s very very vibrant and rich on the nails. Elizabeth Street is a sheer pale pink/white that makes me think of ballet slippers. It would be a great french manicure colour. It doesn’t really float my dark-bright-LOUD nail boat, but I can see that it looks very sophisticated and I’m going to try to break out of my comfort zone a bit. They are in the old style bottles, which I assume is why they were in HomeSense, but the formula is still great, so they can’t be that old.

I wasn’t sure whether to include these next three things in my haul, because I don’t actually have any of them yet, but I’ve had a couple of black tie events to shop for recently, and I’ve bought some real beauties.

This dress is for my college ball in May, and is currently being altered to fit me (it’s pinned in the photo):


Sorry for the horrible photos, not only did I pop into the shop on an impulse (wearing Batman pants, no less!), they were a bit funny about me taking photos so this was very quick with no chance to vet facial expression!

To add a bit of sparkle, I rushed to eBay to buy this necklace that I’ve had my eye on for ages:

I was thrilled that the seller accepted my offer of £17.50, making it £20 with P&P! I’ve wanted this for quite a while.

I also have a possibly even more exciting event coming up – my 21st birthday party, which is taking place in Oxford Castle. It really needed to be black tie to do justice to the surroundings, and I was just idly browsing eBay when I spotted this dress:

I expect that this won’t be the best quality, as it’s originally from one of those stack-em-high Chinese sellers (but being resold in the UK, hurrah for quick delivery), and the sequins will probably hurt, but I think it’s gorgeous, and it really reminds me in a subtle way of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, who as you know I adore.  I’m trying to restrain myself from buying a red velvet cloak to go with it…

More on these luxury pretties when they arrive, hopefully! I’ll be back in Oxford and will have someone to help me take my outfit posts. Until my birthday, though, this is my last haul – I’m going on a spending ban until the end of the month so as to avoid ruining presents (and to help stretch my budget a bit further…).

So, what do you think of my purchases? How are you managing the winter into wintery-spring transition?

Asha x

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