The Next 100 Days…

For the last couple of days I’ve been in the funk that always accompanies the end of the holidays – I’m bored of being at home, and looking forward to the things I can do in Oxford, but I’m dreading leaping back into the stress, and thinking about how much I’ll miss having time to read and relax guilt-free. I’ve been seeking out some inspiration, and found it over at Flora Rose Reviews, with her excellent post on 100 days’ worth of resolutions.

Today is the 14th of April, so 100 days from now will be the 23nd of June, which is the week after term ends – a good length of time.

So my new resolutions, then, in no particular order:

Keep blogging throughout term, doing at least 3 posts a week. I often feel beaten down by Oxford and find it hard to find time to blog after a day in the library, but I’m determined to keep going this term – and I’m making myself accountable for it here!

– Make the effort to go out with friends, rather than mope about not going out. I’m a true introvert – and by that I don’t mean that I’m shy, I just mean that I find people (all people, even though I love you) quite draining, and need some time to recharge on my own. I love my friends, I just don’t always want to make the effort to see anyone! However, it’s too easy to just let meet-ups slide by out of apathy, when I do always enjoy them, so here’s to actually going out!

-Earn some money. Easily said. This blogging thing is lovely, but it doesn’t half make me want to buy, buy, buy, and I’m not exactly flush with cash. I can’t work, during term time, but there are lots of little things I can do to earn money. (Wow, that sounds dodgy! I mean Social Sciences experiments and things!)

– Make some travel plans for the summer. I live in a country full of castles! I love castles! Why don’t I visit castles!?

And if I can keep all of those up, just for a short 100 days, I’ll be pretty pleased!

Do you like this idea, shorter resolutions? Do think they’ll be easier to stick to?

Asha x


3 thoughts on “The Next 100 Days…

    • I’m glad you like the idea, I found it very refreshing – I’ve previously done the 101 things in 1001 days, and found that far too long to keep focused, so this is pretty awesome!

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