Review: B. Pure Micellar Water

I’ve been wanting to try a micellar water cleanser since hearing several bloggers rave about how they just melt your make up away, no rubbing. I love my Lush 9 to 5 cleanser for  my face, but worry that it’s a bit heavy on my eyes, so this seemed like the perfect match. I wear black eyeliner most days, and it does take quite a lot of effort to get it off, so I was so ready for this wonder product to rock my… er… cleansing routine.

DSCF0274I had been planning on getting the Bioderma Sensibio that everyone seems to have, but the lovely Gillian over at alwaysunpresentable recommended this B. Pure Micellar Water as a cheaper alternative. I believe B. Pure is a Superdrug own brand? This normally retails for £4.99, but there’s a £1 off B. Pure offer on at the moment, so I got this for £3.99.

I took it for a test run when I bought it, oversoaked the cotton pad, got it in my eyes, and retired in pain. This stuff stings. I’m not sure why, given that it’s pretty much just water, but oh my God does it hurt.

Since that wasn’t a very fair test of its make-up killing powers, I gave it a challenge:


Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kajal liner, my messiest, smudgiest eye pencil; a good swipe of No7 360 Degree Mascara, and a splotch of Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Stain for good measure.

After the first swipe (not over the eyeliner!):

DSCF0282It handled the mascara with ease, and picked up most of the lipstain, but not all of it.

After a swipe over the eyeliner:

DSCF0283Ah. Yes. It’s taken some of it off. Just not all of it. And that bit that’s left held on for four more swipes until I got bored and scrubbed it off with a fully soaked cotton pad. Which, as we’ve established, really wouldn’t be good for your eyes.

I don’t have any pictures for you of it removing make up from my face, because frankly, that’s kind of weird, but I tried it last night over a full eye of make-up (Urban Decay shadows and Zero liner, topped off with my usual No7 mascara) and it failed miserably. Again, it coped very well with mascara, and with the eyeshadow – but it tripped up on the eyeliner, dragging it all under my eyes and making me reach for a facewipe to get it off safely.

Overall, I’m not massively impressed with this micellar water. I’m not sure if it’s my high expectations (not stinging? Is that too high an expectation?) or the cheapness of the product, or just micellar water in general, but I found this product distinctly meh.

Worth buying only as an eye make up remover, and then only if you don’t wear eyeliner. So not one for me! Have you tried any micellar waters – what do you think? Can you recommend a good eye make up remover?

Asha x


11 thoughts on “Review: B. Pure Micellar Water

    • Oh, gosh, no I didn’t mean that! Different things always work better for some people, and I think I just wear a bit too much make up for this to cope with 😛 I’m glad I tried this rather than springing for one of the expensive ones, though, so I do still appreciate the recommendation 🙂

      • Yeah skincare is so subjective isn’t it! Perhaps Bioderma might be a better option – I do think the B. one is most likely a very cheaper alternative though so the ingredients probably aren’t as effective!
        🙂 xx

        • Definitely – I recommended my favourite night cream to a couple of friends, and one person found it way too heavy and oily and the other found it too light and not moisturising enough! 😛
          Hopefully I’ll pick up some Bioderma at some point soon and see if the rave reviews translate into it working for me 🙂 I’m going to try again with the B. Pure tonight, ’cause I’m only wearing a little bit of brown eyeliner today! 🙂

  1. Bioderma is great stuff, especially for sensitive skin (like mine annoyingly is!) – my friend owns the micellar water and I use it when I’m stopping at hers after a night out – I wear a tonne of eyeliner so it’s important that it’s gentle. Im a contact lens wearer too and it’s never done me any harm 🙂 you should try it! 🙂 x

    • I think I will, as soon as I’ve either got through or found a home for this one – I hate doubling up on products, I just don’t have the space 🙂 Glad to hear you get on with it 🙂

  2. Oh no 😦 it stings eyes ! … where is the sense in that?? I wanted to try Bioderma too but its expensive – I’ve tried many eye makeup removers and methods and the best for me has been Garnier 2 in 1 makeup remover but Maybelline tests on animals and my eye makeup is on the lighter side … so perhaps its not best to listen to my recommendations :/

    • I’ve found Bioderma for £4.50 for 100ml on Escentual, which I think is really very reasonable – this Superdrug one is £4.99 for 150ml. I found it only stings if you put a lot on, as in a very wet cotton pad, but less product than that doesn’t take off enough of my make up. If you wear less, then you might not need to use a sting-y amount!
      I might keep an eye out for that Garnier one, I find it very difficult to avoid brands that test on animals. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

      • Oh I didn’t know Escentual sold Bioderma and yes in comparison it seems Bioderma looks like the better option (currently now £3 on that site) …

        My curiosity got the better of me and I did end up purchasing the B.Pure Micellar Water, it hasn’t stung my eyes but like you said, it may depend on the amount put on the cotton pad and the amount of eye makeup worn (I wear a little amount). In comparison to the Garnier I’d say that the water might be a lil better because it doesn’t leave an oily residue. Hmm now I feel like a traitor since the Garnier 2 in 1 was/is my HG 😦 though recently it has given me some difficulty. With that said the Garnier does not sting my eyes and I’ve used it for a longer time + 200ml for around £2.99 or less 🙂

        Oh + because of the recent hype over the B. Pure “water” it’s now £4.99 at Superdrugs so even more reason to try Bioderma I guess (which I will eventually). Anyway thanks for replying and giving a break down of the product, it was very helpful :).

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