Nails of the Day: A England Purple Gradient

I’ve never tried a gradient before, but I’ve always thought they looked super pretty. Today when it came time to choose my nail colours for the next couple of days, I knew I wanted to wear purple, but thought that I wanted something a bit more exciting than plain colour. So, I whipped out my sponge (19p for 5, thank you Tesco!) and had a go at a gradient!


I love A England, and plan to do a little post about my whole collection of them quite soon (just waiting for good sunlight to swatch all the holos!). For this look I’ve used Guinevere, a pretty pale purple, and Elaine, a very dark purple. 

IMG_1978I know it’s not the neatest thing in the world, but I’m so proud of this. I thought it would be really complicated, and it only took about half an hour! I found the clean-up quite difficult; it’s hard to get close enough to clean the cuticles without wiping off the polish! I’ve also chipped a couple of the tips already, and I’m not quite sure how to touch it up… Still, I’m really chuffed!

DSCF0325What do you think of this NOTD? Any tips for making it neater (other than practice)?

Asha x




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