Nails of the Day: A England Saint George, with a Dragon Twist

In honour of St George’s Day (23rd April), I painted my nails with his namesake polish from A England, a beautiful dark teal holo. I really think this might be one of my favourite polishes! Of course, I couldn’t leave the dragon out, so I added a basic tape checkerboard on my ring finger with Dragon, an olive green holo that’s prettier than it sounds.DSCF0404What I find difficult about photographing A-England is capturing both the colour and the sparkle in one shot. I think these two photos do quite well with these polishes, although the first is a little truer to colour and the second is a little truer to the holo!

This is my first time attempting nail art with tape, so I stuck to something simple, and I’m really pleased with it. The difference between the two greens is quite subtle, so it’s just a tiny twist on the gorgeousness that is St George (and it also hides where my lines weren’t quite straight!).


Just look at that sparkle. This is a really beautiful polish that works best under daylight and bright artificial light – the base colour may make you think it’s slightly too dark for spring or summer, but the holo lifts it right up and makes it something really special all year round. I defy you not to smile when you see the sparkle in the sunlight!

What do you think of my simple little design? Oh, and did you do anything themed for St George’s Day?

Asha x


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