April Empties

Empties! Hurrah! (Many of these are minis or travel sizes, that’s just how it panned out this month…)
IMG_1935N-Spa Vanilla Crème Brulée Shower Gel, 100ml. This is a really lovely wintery scent, and the gel itself was nice and thick (too thick for the non-bendy bottle!). This was from a little gift set bought before N-Spa’s product redesign, so they don’t make this anymore!

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Intensive Mask, 200ml. I’ve featured this a couple of times before – my go-to intensive conditioner, and I’d definitely buy it again if it was on offer.

IMG_1947Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream sample. This sample came with my Urban Decay Eye Pencil Set from Feel Unique. It was nice, but had a bit of a strange smell (tobacco and plasticine?) so I’m not sure I’ll be springing for the £47 full bottle! I had two of these sachets, but only photographed one for some reason.

Lush Blousey Shampoo sample. Gosh, I love this. At the rate I go through shampoo, though, I can’t justify spending £14 for a bottle that has less in than a bottle of normal shampoo a quarter of the price…

Not pictured, because it’s gone, obviously: my last piece of Lush Snowglobe Soap. This was lemon-ier than I was expecting, and it wasn’t quite as nice as I’d hoped, so I probably won’t be picking this up again at Christmas. I’ll save all my pennies for Cinders and So White and North Pole!

DSCF0450More Lush samples!

Lush R&B Hair Moisturiser. I really love this, and went back to repurchase it last week, but they’d run out in the shop! There was enough left in their sample pot to give me a tiny pot to keep me going til they get a delivery (thank you, that was very sweet!), but I’ll definitely be repurchasing this. It smells delicious, like spicy jasmine, and really helps to tame my curls and frizz without weighing my hair down or going crunchy – this was originally designed for Afro hair, and I was warned it might not suit me, but it really does. This tiny pot lasted me about two months, so you really don’t need a lot at all!

Lush Retread Conditioner. I really wish I could buy this. It smells delicious, kind of like Parma Violets, and my hair smelled incredible for a whole day after using it! However, the sample pot wasn’t enough to do all my hair, and so I think that I’d get through a full-size pot too quickly to justify spending £10 on it, when other conditioners work as well (even if they don’t smell as nice!).DSCF0547

L’Occitane Haircare Samples. None of these were anything to write home about – they smell nice, kind of herby, but there wasn’t enough product in the sachets to see what effect it made. The shampoo lathered up well, but the conditioner was a bit weak, and I supplemented the mask with Herbal Essences anyway so it covered more than an inch of my hair!

I have lots of things spluttering, but haven’t managed to see anything else off this month! It’s good to get the samples out of the way, though. What have you used up this month? Leave me a link if you’ve done an empties post!

Asha x

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