Sunday Book Nook #1 – Birthday Book Haul!

Hi all!

I’ve realised that I don’t blog nearly enough about reading and books. This is mostly because I find it really hard to read fiction during term time – I spend most of every day trapped in the library reading incredibly dry articles about long dead Romans, and only really have a social life in the evenings. I usually tumble into bed completely exhausted, and don’t get a chance to read for pleasure at all!

I’m going to try to make a little bit more of an effort to read, at least during the weekend, and so I have created a “Sunday Book Nook” weekly feature, which will hopefully force me to carve out a little book-related time in my week, even if it’s just a photo of the stack I’ve acquired that week.

So, without further ado: here are the books I was given for my birthday!

I feel like I should do a little disclaimer: I’m not trying to show off, and I am very very lucky that my friends and family are so generous!P1000137

A pretty awesome stack, hey? There’s a good mix of all my favourite geekeries in fiction and non-fiction forms!


From the bottom up, then:

Firefly: A Celebration. This book from Boyfriend is enormous, and wonderfully heavy! It’s bound in soft soft leather, and is a sort of illustrated companion to Firefly and Serenity, which Boyfriend got me into last year. This book – just wow, it’s gorgeous. It has scripts, interviews with the cast and crew, short stories, concept artwork and so so much wonderful information – not to mention, hundreds of gorgeous glossy photos of the cast and sets!

Jolly Stories of School Life and Brave Deeds for Girls. You may or may not know that I collect old girls’ school stories, so this omnibus is a really lovely find from my parents. I just really love all the little friendship dramas and old-fashioned school life – I got hooked on Malory Towers as a child, and I’ve always liked school stories (maybe because I hated school, and longed for a ‘proper’ school like in the books?), but started collecting them seriously a few years ago.

The Remains of Sherlock Holmes – Paul W. Nash. This looks like a really fun set of faux-Holmes stories, from my best friend. I really enjoy these, especially the ones where Holmes crosses wits with other Victorian fictional characters – this one has Dorian Gray!

Invisible Romans – Robert Knapp/ The First Ladies of Rome – Annelise Freisenbuch. I’ve lumped these two together (both from my parents) because I’m not sure how interesting Classics books are to people who aren’t me! The former is about the divide between the elite, who controlled literature and historical records, and the lower classes, and explores how much we know about the ordinary men and women of Rome, while the latter focuses on the women in the imperial house, and their impacts on emperor and empire. I’m really looking forward to reading these!

P1000139Bitterblue – Kristin Cashore. Ah, I’ve been dying to read this, and Rowan found it in the right size (I could only find it in a very large format)! Remember how much I loved Graceling and Fire? Yes. So excited for this.

The Death of King Arthur – Simon Armitage. Yay! I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned my love of King Arthur on here (I went so far as to write and produce a play about him before Christmas) but I’ve been meaning to read this translation for a while, and Sam, who was my Sir Kay, has provided well!

War Music – Christopher Logue. An intriguing translation of the Iliad from my Classics buddy Lyman – epic poetry can be quite dull if it’s just translated in great chunks, but this is done in free poetry, so should be a good read.

The Yellow Fairy Book – Andrew Lang. Wow. Just wow. Lovely Boyfriend found me this first edition at a local book fair. My other big book collection is antique copies of classic fairy tales, and these books are the big daddies of fairy tales – to have a first edition is incredible, and I could not be more excited every time I look at it!

Nineteen Eighty Four – George Orwell. This is one of my favourite books, but I lent my copy to someone ages ago, and never got it back. This copy my parents found is so cool – the title and author are redacted on the cover, which is SO brilliant:

A Zombie Ate My Cupcakes – Lily Vanilli. Spooky cupcake recipes with the most awesome decorations! Can’t wait to try some of these recipes out 🙂 Thank you Efi!

Myth and Romance: John William Waterhouse. Waterhouse is my favourite painter, and this tiny little book (from my parents) has beautiful high quality prints of all his paintings.

So, one very spoilt birthday bookworm! Have you read any of these? What do you think of having a book post every Sunday?

Asha x


2 thoughts on “Sunday Book Nook #1 – Birthday Book Haul!

  1. That is an awesome haul! I looooove Firefly (so jealous of you for that book!) and Waterhouse is my favourite artist too. I wrote my Honours thesis on his La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

    • Oh, cool! 🙂 Most people just look at me blankly when I talk about Waterhouse – I think my favourite is Hylas and the Nymphs, because I love all their expressions, but this book also made me fall very hard for Windflowers, which I hadn’t seen before.
      The Firefly book is incredible (and available on Amazon if you were feeling flush…)

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