Stripy Primark Stock-up!

P1000149I have a love-hate relationship with t-shirts. I often struggle to find nice fits (being a little bit busty means that shirts usually fit EITHER across the chest or the shoulders), and so I have two or three shirts I rely on… I seem to have some new additions, though!

I popped into Primark in town this morning, wanting to get a navy blue and white stripy basic tee, having seen how cute Fleur de Force looked in her most recent video. But I got suckered in, while in there, and seem to have come away with just striped shirts!

On the left is a mint-green scoop neck tee with a cute little contrast pocket, and the pale blue tee in the middle is similar, but with thinner stripes and a much higher neck. These are both very lightweight and quite loose fitting, with almost-cap sleeves, which should be nice when it’s very hot. And they were only £3 each!

The one that looks black is actually navy blue, and is a lot more fitted. It has longer sleeves (although still short), and is really just a very basic, wear-with-anything t-shirt. This was £3.50, a little more than the others, but it’s not like that’s much of a price increase!

On the right are two vest-tops, which are mid-weight ribbed cotton – the cobalt blue one has even stripes, and the turquoise one has stripes of different widths, which is kind of cool. I much prefer this kind of vest to one with shoe string straps, I just think they’re more flattering… But I do adore vest tops of any kind, they’re so versatile (plus these are £2.50 each)!

Do you think this is stripe overkill? I reckon they’re all different enough to find homes in my wardrobe, at least for summer holidays!

Asha x


4 thoughts on “Stripy Primark Stock-up!

  1. I understand TOTALLY the distress in being busty. I have to buy XL in some clothes just so that the chest would fit for my otherwise M frame 😦

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