Updated Lush Stash!

P1000168… I seem to have acquired rather a lot of things! I’m aware this blog is at severe risk of turning into a Lush-only blog, so I’ll keep the details brief! Also, please excuse the failing light.

P1000178First off then, things I’ve talked about before, and my basic assessment is just YES PLEASE.

Midnight Massage Bar x2 – jasmine and vanilla, from Christmas 2012.

From Dusk To Dawn Massage Bar (another in stash at Boyfriend’s) – wild orange and bitter lemon, from Valentine’s 2013.



Skincare (and a bit of haircare)!

9 to 5 cleanser – ylang ylang and orchid creamy cleanser. So soft smelling and feels great on your skin.

Eau Roma toner – lavender and rose water, essentially. Very refreshing, and great at catching the last few bits of make up (I use this on a cotton pad if I smudge eyeliner or lipstick while applying make up in the morning).

R&B hair moisturiser – jasmine scented hair tamer. This stuff is great – smoothes my curls and waves with no crunchiness or stickiness!

Brazened Honey face mask – honey and herbs in an exfoliating fresh face mask. The smell is not quite to my taste, but it has a great effect on dull skin.

Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask – magic blueberry face mask. So soothing and wonderful for dry or sore skin.

P1000177Perfume and samples!

Flowers Barrow – heady, blowsy flowers and earth on a high summer’s day. Makes me feel mystical and not just a little bit nostalgic.

Lust – Wow, jasmine. Jasmine overload. Very raw and powerful – not an everyday perfume, but perfect for moments when you want all the confidence you can get. Light hand required!

Vanillary – Soft, comforting vanilla, like flour on your nose and a tray of just-baked biscuits.

Tuca Tuca – My latest addition, thanks to lovely Miranda! Dreamy, childlike violets – beautiful combined with Vanillary for a sweet, innocent scent, or with Flowers Barrow for a dangerous, magical Avalon feel.

(Just realised I forgot to include my tiny vial of B Scent, which is soooo good. Lemon and fennel and something that goes magic on my skin.)

Samples of Enzymion moisturiser and Jackie Oates pigment. I’m trying these as a replacement for foundation (with built in SPF 30), and while I’m very very impressed with the colour match, they don’t leave me with the matte finish I prefer.

P1000173Shower time! (And blurry photo time, apparently!)

Flying Fox Shower Gel – Lust-scented shower gel, again with a hell of a jasmine kick. Incredible for PMT days and as a general mood booster.

Dirty Shower Gel – Minty, herby loveliness, but not quite a replacement for my beloved Ice Blue. Delicious in its own right, though!

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub – This has the same scent as Sakura bath bombs used to have, mimosa and orange blossom, plus it’s bright blue, my favourite colour for drinks and beauty products! A really gorgeous sea salt scrub – and you can vary the roughness by the amount of water you use.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner – Oh yum. This is moisturiser you use in the shower, and rinse off. So, so very good. It smells like Rose Jam bubbleroon, and is basically delicious. Leaves me with such soft skin!

P1000180And now, the big one! Soap and bath things. In a vague clockwise-from-top-left order, there is:

So White bath bomb x3 (the ones in bubblewrap) – appley scented excellence from Christmas 2012. I had one left in the stash, but Boyfriend magically produced two more for my birthday!

Space Girl bath bomb x2 – more Boyfriend-y birthday presents! These smell like Parma Violets, and are absolutely chock-full of glitter, turning the bath into a purple galaxy.

5/6ths of a Brightside bubble bar (in the plastic bag) – from Easter 2013, this is a bright and gorgeous orangey bubble bar (it has the same scent as Sun perfume). It’s a big one, and a crumbly one!

Sex Bomb bath bomb – a birthday present from my lovely friend Hannah. Jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang make for a very relaxing, lovely scent.

Pop in the Bath bubble bar – sweet and floral and citrussy. The perfect spring bath.

Amandopondo bubble bar (above that) – this smells like turkish delight! Rose and lemon makes for my favourite relaxing bath.

Cinders bath bomb (left of Amandopondo) – Cinnamon-y wonderfulness from Christmas 2012. This was actually a Christmas present from Boyfriend, but I’m trying to save it, I don’t want it to be gone!

Rose Queen bath bomb (below that) – does what it says on the tin. Beautiful pink rose-scented water (another present from Hannah, yay!).

White North Pole soap (below that!) – surprisingly soft, comforting mint – again no replacement for Ice Blue, but really wintery mint.

Honey I Washed the Kids soap – everyone’s favourite honey soap. So creamy, so beautiful-smelling. An immediate repurchase every time.

Sultana of Soap soap (peeking out above HIWTK) – I find it so hard to pinpoint the smell of this – the Lush site says nougat, but I just get ‘sweet’ as a concept from this!

And lastly, my beloved Ice Blue stock. I have about this much again at home, but this is what I have with me. So minty and perfect, and the most beautiful blue!

Tempted? Addicted? I want to see all your Lush posts!

Asha x







27 thoughts on “Updated Lush Stash!

      • I have Love, Karma and Imogen Rose, and I kinda go through stages of liking them to absolutely hating them;) I just find that they smell insanely strong for an hour, and then I can hardly smell them at all;/ And some of the scents are kinda funky. Do you like yours?

        • I think that the solids are ever so slightly different scents from the sprays, but I mostly own solids, and really like them – you do have to reapply after a couple of hours (except with Lust!) but I like to carry them with me anyway… I’m thinking of picking up the B Scent solid, so if I do, I’ll do a comparison between the solid and the splash.
          In terms of the actual scents, I hate Karma (and all Karma scented things), so I think that smells a little funky anyway 😛 How do you find perfumes pull on your skin? On me, things tend to go very warm and spicy, so Love for me is incredibly cinnamon bonfire-y, which I adore, but on my friend Rowan it is almost entirely toffee apple, which smells perfect. It could be that your skin pulls different elements out of the perfumes at different times, and that you like some of them more than others?

          • I know what you mean about Karma. I love it sometimes but sometimes I absolutely hate it;)Ironically, I think it’s quite spicy smelling, so would probably suit you:D
            All Lush, even bath bombs and stuff, seems to go fairly sweet and flowery on me, which is nice when you get out of the bath, but the strength of it I find a bit much for a perfume-scent.
            Great advice, thanks for letting me know:)! Lush’ll be sponsoring you any day now!:)

            • Haha, I wish! That would be amazing!
              I think part of the reason that I don’t do Karma (or indeed, Sikkim Girls which on paper I love, but on me think is bleh) is because its already too warm, so I tend to make it over-powering! It sounds like you’d suit the heavier scents, if your skin pulls sweet – see if you can test-drive Dear John and Cocktail (online only, but your Lush assistants might own some themselves that they might let you try), Flowers Barrow and Voice of Reason (in store from the newish Gorilla range). They all smell amazing on someone who gets sweet from perfumes – but they’re not to everyone’s taste (except Cocktail!).

      • The Ultimate Shine shampoo bar – it smells great and (like all Lush shampoo I’ve tried) leaves my hair feeling so nice I don’t bother with conditioner, especially if I rinse in cold water. It lathers alarmingly well, lasts forever (so great value for money) and you can keep it in a teeny adorable tin! This makes it PERFECT for sleepovers, travelling etc and ON TOP OF THAT it is ok to use in wild water without harming the environment – so I take mine on expeditions!

      • I haven’t tried all of them. But my two favorites are the yellow one (jasmine scented godiva) which is awesome at night. It’s super relaxing. And the green one (rosemary/mint scented squeaky green) This one practically smacks me in the face in the morning…but in a really good wake-me-up sort of way 😛

  1. Wow, you have an amazing collection! Jealous! I had my own mini Lush haul today 🙂 After reading your other blog post, I got the Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask (I actually have pieces of blueberry on my face while writing this 🙂 ). And I got an Avobath, have you ever tried it? I still regret buying (and using) only one Cinders last Xmas, I really hope they bring it back this year! xx

    • Aww, glad you like the Catastrophe Cosmetic! Cinders is gorgeous, I’ll fall in love with anything cinnamon-y 🙂
      I really like Avobath – it works really nicely with Rose Jam if you want to add bubbles, it smells all spring garen-y and lovely 🙂 I didn’t try it for ages because I thought it would be boring, but it’s so nice 🙂

      • Catastrophe Cosmetic feels sooo nice! And thanks for the crumble warning – I was glad I knew about that in advance 🙂 Cinders is absolutely amazing, it just feels like a warm snuggly duvet on a cold winter’s day! I’m not a massive fan of bubbles (I’m probably the only person in the world, I know 🙂 ), which I why I love bath bombs! I recently discovered Secret Garden (it’s so grassy and rosy and just amazing), and I was gutted when I was in the store the other day and discovered that they don’t have it anymore (maybe next year). So I had to go for something else, which turned out to be the Avobath. Like you, I thought it would be boring so I never bought it before. Hopefully I’ll have some time to try it next weekend 🙂 Have you already seen the new blue mermaid bath ballistic on their website? I’m wondering whether it’s a smaller (and cheaper) version of the Big Blue, which would be great news! xx

        • It crumbles like crazy, doesn’t it?!
          I didn’t get hold of a Secret Garden, but I hear on the Lush grapevine that a mix of Avobath and Rose Queen bombs will give you a similar bath. You can cut bath bombs with a bread knife (a bit messy, but not too bad) if you want to use half of each and still get two baths out – otherwise it’s a bit expensive!
          I hadn’t seen the mermaid til your message, but you’re right, I think, it does sound like it’s Big Blue… I’m not a massive fan, but to be honest, just the mermaid shape might tempt me! 😛

  2. you definitely like your lush products don’t you! haha 🙂 I try and not go into lush too much as I end up with so much- I love so many of their products too, my favourite is the king of skin body butter bar 🙂
    Poppy | far away

  3. gosh I’m so jealous, I love Lush! I really want to try the R&B hair moisturiser, it sounds really nice from your description 🙂 just followed your blog!


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