Nails of the Day: A England Galahad and St George

There’s something about A England polishes that makes me want to photograph them whenever I wear them! I’ve been wearing Galahad, a beautiful dusty turquoise, on its own for a couple of days, and this morning I felt like jazzing it up a little, so I’ve added a sort of frill of St George, a deep teal holographic.

P1000218 P1000220P1000224Pretty, don’t you think? These two polishes are among my favourite few A Englands (no way could I choose one favourite!), and I think they work really well together.

Asha x



14 thoughts on “Nails of the Day: A England Galahad and St George

  1. This looks really pretty! I’ve never heard of these polishes, they look really nice. And Firefly – a million times yes <3,

    • Thanks! 🙂
      Hurrah for another Browncoat 🙂 This book is incredible, it’s got everything you could want to know about the show and the universe, perfect for when you just miss everyone! And I won’t pretend the full page glossy photos don’t help 😉 Hello, pretty cast 😛

  2. Omg, looks gorgeous!:)
    I’ve nominated you for an award-

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