May Empties!

I’m a couple of days early, but my empties box is brimming over, so thought it was about time I got around to the post… Here’s what we have!


So… that’s quite a lot of things! Some of this I used up very early in the month, so it feels like ages ago – I was surprised there was this much in the box.

P1000602Haircare’s up first, and this looks like a lot of conditioner. I really enjoyed using the Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo and Conditioner, even if I am baffled as to why they make the conditioner in a smaller bottle! Does anyone in the world use shampoo faster than conditioner?! I didn’t actually mean to pick these up (I normally use the Miracle Moist), but I loved the peachy scent of these and they made my hair really shiny!

Both these Herbal Essences Deep Conditioner Intensive Masks are conditioners I would happily repurchase when on sale. I got these two for £4 in Tesco in April, when they’re normally around £4.50ish each! They’re very often on sale, and as such make great interim conditioners until I’ve finished up whatever shampoo I was using, to move onto a new set!

I was given Lush’s Hair Doctor Hair Treatment by a lovely friend, and I really really loved it. It had a really nice scent, and felt ever so luxurious on my hair – the pepperminty-mud was really tingly. I felt that this left my normally very voluminous hair quite flat, but very soft, so it was definitely worth it and I’ll be repurchasing again.

P1000604 Quite a lot of moisturising things, too!

A couple of sachets: L’Occitane Milk Concentrate Lotionand Missha Intensive Time Reversing Snail Cream. There’s not a lot to say about sachets; they don’t have enough product to tell how much you really like something. That being said, these were nice enough.

I finally got to the end of my Nivea Crème little blue pot. This is such a useful multi-purpose cream – I’m using E45 for my calming moisturiser now, but I’ll probably come back to this sooner or later.

I finished up two body butters: N Spa Mango Body Butter, which I really enjoyed, and Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter mini, which is also really good. The latter really reminds me of sitting my first set of uni exams, because I had a giant pot and used to procrastinate by moisturising with it! The Mango Body Butter is really nice, and I like the new N Spa formulation a lot more than the old one, although I’m sad that they’ve limited the scent range.

Then there’s a Nivea Milk and Honey lip balm. This was my favourite from my Christmas set, and I’d like to repurchase, once I finish up all my other various lip balms. And last of all is the REN Active 7 Eye Gel from the mini set in Red Magazine last summer – this was okay, but too heavy for my skin, and way too expensive even if I had liked it!

P1000606Next up, body sprays! I’m not a fan of spray deodorants, but for what it was, the Dove Go Fresh Deo in Cucumber and Green Tea was nice enough – very refreshing, and it did the job.

I picked up Yardley’s Peony Body Spray on an impulse in Boots one day, but it really became a favourite – it’s a really light, rosy scent, and for something stupid like £2.50, I’ll most likely pick it up again. The little bottle of Boots Extracts Dewberry Body Spray lasted me a good long while, certainly in the region of years (although its longevity was due to me losing it), and if they still make this, I’d buy it again to freshen up with in the summer.

P1000607Face masks!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask was a real disappointment. I was sent a sample to review for their website, but they rejected my review straightaway, I expect because I had a negative experience. This is a very nice thick mask, but unfortunately I reacted really badly to one of the ingredients in it and it stung my face really badly – my skin was sore for a couple of days! I don’t normally have sensitive skin, but this was really bad for me.

Far more up my street are these two face masks from Lush, Brazened Honey and Catastrophe Cosmetic (click the names to see my reviews). I’d buy these again in a flash – I’ve already repurchased Catastrophe!


And finally, odds and sods.

Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover is nothing exciting, but does the job quite well. I’ve already repurchased this.

I’ve decided to chuck this Natural Collection Mascara in Brown/Black as I’ve had it for a couple of years, but have been favouring other mascaras for a while, and it’s getting a bit dry. It’s nice enough, but doesn’t really give me the length or volume I like.

And last but not least, Imperial Leather’s Enchanting Shower Gel. This was lovely – shame it’s limited edition. The willow and bluebell scent were gorgeously springtime-y, and the shiny gel itself felt very luxurious. If on offer as usual, I’d happily buy this again.

Well done on making it to the end of a very long post! Let me know, as always, if you have any empties posts, or if you’d like to see any proper reviews of these products.

Asha x


7 thoughts on “May Empties!

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of products. I’ve never done a hair mask a lot because I feel like I would be very impatient with waiting, and it’s probably pretty messy too. That’s a shame about the Body Shop mask. I’ve never had my skin actually sore from using a mask. That sounds painful! Nice post!

    • I have quite dry hair, so I actually just use those masks instead of conditioner – I wash my hair first, then condition, wash my face and body, then rinse out the conditioner. So no mess, and no waiting, really! 🙂
      Yeah, I was surprised – it was supposed to be a moisturising, soothing mask, and it felt like acid! I was probably allergic to something in it, though, so it might be worth a try?

  2. My skin has the same weird reaction to Body Shop Vitamin E products (and to their mascaras too). Not sure what they put in it, but their Vitamin E moisturiser absolutely sets my skin on fire. So you’re not alone on that one!

    • Oh, that’s interesting… Good to hear that it’s not just my skin having a freak out for no reason! Shame for us though, I hear a lot of people raving about the range 😦

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