You Shall Go to the Ball! (An Unusual Outfit Post)

Earlier this month, Boyfriend and I went to my college’s ball, which was very exciting, and we had a little photoshoot beforehand thanks to our wonderful friend Ele, of Curious Magpie Photography. Ele took photos of us last year, too, and she is really an amazing photographer – I thought I’d show you how lovely some of these are!


We were lucky enough to have really nice sunshine on the day of the ball, and Corpus Christi gardens made a wonderful backdrop.

IMG_3733What I like about taking photos with Ele is that she really manages to capture us as a couple – there’s some really gorgeous proper portraits, like above, but plenty where we’re laughing or pulling silly faces, and we just really look in love with each other.

IMG_3758 Some downright silly ones:


IMG_3715And some really sweet ones:

IMG_3670IMG_3737And a lot that I just plain love.

IMG_3668IMG_3744The dress is from The Ballroom in Oxford, and was a one-off that I found entirely by coincidence. I’d had in the back of my mind that I wanted to wear a red dress to the ball since I dyed my hair brown, and I was idly looking for one, but not seriously. While doing a spot of charity shopping in Oxford, I spotted a gorgeous dark blue sequinned gown in the window of The Ballroom, and popped in to ask about the price, thinking it would be way too much (it’s a very expensive shop). It was £550, which was ridiculous, but the lady invited me to take a look at the other dresses, so I did.

There wasn’t much I liked in the 10-12 section, but I saw this across the room in the 16-18 section – I thought it was going to be huge, but I asked to try it on anyway, and… it was practically perfect. It was too big around the hips and bottom, but it fit around my bust perfectly, because of the larger size, and the lace-up back meant it also fit my waist, and, to top it all off, it was actually the right length (I’m 5’6, it shouldn’t be so hard to find floor length dresses!)! I asked if it was possible to take it in – it was – and, dreading it, what the price was. It was reduced to £65, and the alterations were not too much on top of that.

If that isn’t fate, I don’t know what is.

I paired it with this beautiful elven wire-work necklace I bought on eBay, which required a bit of work before it was as nice as advertised, but I’m happy with the end result, and it works really well with the dress (it’s a bit wonky in the picture below, but that’s the clearest one)!

IMG_3676This dress made me feel so beautiful, and really helped make the day magical, and it’s a testament to Ele’s amazing photography that every one of these pictures makes me smile and remember how happy I was.

If you’re in the Oxford area and need a photographer, I can’t recommend her enough!

Asha x





All photos taken by Ele Grieveson @ Curious Magpie Photography, do not repost.


8 thoughts on “You Shall Go to the Ball! (An Unusual Outfit Post)

  1. What a beautiful dress – and your friend is such a good photographer! You remind me so much of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
    It’s great you have so many lovely photos that really show your relationship, it’s something you can look back on too, aww!

  2. You two are just so adorable, and enviably in love – you are one of those couple where it just shines out when you are together and you light things up. ❤

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