End of Term Hauling, Part Four: Books (Sunday Book Nook #5)

It’s the final part of my haul, boo! From now on, I’m on a no-spend for a month, which will be a bit miserable, I think, but should hopefully make up for this little lot… (Part One, Part Two, Part Three)

Books, today, mostly thanks to a shopping trip with my dad.


This is a very typical haul for me – gorgeous notebooks, old school stories, and a book of folklore. Continue reading

End of Term Hauling, Part Three: The Body Shop

Have you seen Part One of this haul? If not, start there!

Today I’m showing you what I came home to; a haul achieved in my absence, thanks to some belated birthday presents and my mum’s trip to the Body Shop Outlet at Swindon. So, thanks Mum!


Yes, that’s quite a lot of lip balm… With the things I picked up from the Body Shop last week, I’m pretty much sorted for body butter and lip balm for a while now! Continue reading

End of Term Hauling, Part Two: Lush

The second part of my haul! Start here if you missed yesterday’s post. But for now, on to Lush!


I popped into Lush on Sunday morning to say goodbye just before I moved out, and of course to stock up on lovely things to put in my bath! I love my bath. At home we have a big, deep bath, with a big, deep hot water tank (unlike at Boyfriend’s, where there’s only ever enough hot water for half a bath, and you have to run up and down stairs with multiple kettles to get it chest-deep). This definitely requires Lush products! Continue reading

End of Term Hauling, Part One: Superdrug

I’m at home! I’ve left the dreaming spires behind for some real dreaming (ie, sleeping like the dead for a week to make up for term time). And of course, since leaving Oxford feels like leaving civilisation, I did some shopping before I came down. And then found some more beauty bits waiting for me. And then did a little bit of book shopping once I got home.

I’m going to be putting myself on an unnecessary beauty spending ban for July, while I save up for a ticket to Green Man festival in August, so these are the last few bits and bobs I’ll be getting for a little while.

Today, then, I’ll show you my haul from Superdrug. Tomorrow, it’ll be what I stocked up on from Lush. Saturday, you can see what was waiting for me when I got home, and then on Sunday, for the Book Nook, my book buys.

P1010053This is thanks to running out of powder, looking for an alternative to Lush’s Aqua Marina, and a tempting Bourjois offer…

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100 Days of Summer

Does anyone remember my 100-day resolutions? Well, it’s a little after June 23rd, so I thought I’d update you on my progress, and make some new resolutions for the summer!

The resolutions I made in April were:

 Keep blogging throughout term, doing at least 3 posts a week. I am fairly pleased with my progress on this. I let a few days slip past a couple of times, but also managed to post every day for a lot of the term.

– Make the effort to go out with friends, rather than mope about not going out. I pushed myself not to cancel plans because I didn’t feel like it, and because of that, I’ve spent some really lovely quality time with friends old and new.

-Earn some money. I did several experiments at the beginning of term, worked a crazily-well-paid lecture day and signed up to work at Open Day in September. I’ll be heading back to waitressing soon, to make even more money!

– Make some travel plans for the summer. I’ve started to think about this, and have plans to go to Bath, Hay on Wye, and very possibly to Green Man festival in Wales. I’m also off on holiday to Malta with my family and Boyfriend, and I’m going to keep planning day trips!

So, time for some new resolutions! The next 100 days will end on October 3rd, which is just a few days before the start of next term – a perfect amount of time for some summer plans.

– Get back on track losing weight. I plan to do the Couch to 5k (and now I’ve said that, I’m accountable for it!), and keep up my visits to the gym to make the most of my membership.

– Cut down on my crazy TBR list. I always get more reading done in the summer, but there’s an element of not buying books here too. I’d like to be under 150 unread books at the end of the summer.

– Be well prepared for my collections (mini-exams) at the beginning of next term. I have a translation paper and an essay paper, and I’d like to do well in them (not least because there’s a monetary prize for getting a first!).

– Enjoy the summer. This is possibly my last summer as a student, with a looooong holiday stretching out before me. I don’t want to waste it!


So, you might see some more lifestyle posts popping up while I make the most of my summer. I hope they’ll still be interesting to you!

What do you hope to achieve this summer?

Asha x

June Empties!

A couple of days early with this one, but I didn’t want to lug a whole bag of empty bottles back home with me. That’s just stupid. So here are my empties until the 23rd of June, and anything I finish up in the next few days will be tagged onto next month’s post!

Sorry for the quality of these photos, they were taken mid-packing at around 9pm, so they’re pretty blurry and dark and rubbish.


Quite a few things this month, as I had several nearly-empties last month, and a couple of things I was determined to finish up. Continue reading