I can smell heaven…

Well, I’m grown up now! Remember my post where I talked about wishing I was Cassandra from I Capture the Castle? I’m a little bit closer…

I’m incredibly lucky to have been given a bottle of my dream perfume by my mum for my birthday. Penhaligon’s Bluebell, you are mine!

P1000254Even better, it came in this beautiful set with bath oil and body lotion:

P1000251I love the look of this trio on my dressing table; the glass bottles are so stylish and gorgeous with the big stoppers and the traditional bows.

I can’t stop wearing this perfume! It’s absolutely a perfect bluebell-wood smell – so romantic, I could almost be walking in the grounds of the castle with Cassandra…

Asha x


7 thoughts on “I can smell heaven…

  1. So pretty! I have a Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay perfume which reminds me of going blackberry picking with my uncle on really hot days 🙂 its funny how scents can evoke thoughts and memories like that.

    • It really is – I have a hairspray I couldn’t bear to finish because it reminded me of being in Italy – then Primark made a candle that smelled exactly the same, so I finished it and bought a few of those. But now they’re discontinued! If I ever find the scent again, I’ll be so pleased 🙂
      And that Jo Malone perfume sounds so lovely! I really like her Pomegranate Noir 🙂

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