Outfit of the Day: 4th and 5th of June

So you know how sometimes you absolutely fall in love with something and have to collect all its variations?

So you know I’ve been looking for a little mint dress all year?

So you know I bought a little white lace dress last week?

Well, I might have been back to Primark to buy it in mint green.

Which might have inspired a green and white mirror-image outfit post for today. There’s a row of pastel-coloured houses on a street near the centre of Oxford, so we headed there, and were lucky to find a mint green and white house next to each other!

P1000897 P1000887Green and white dresses: Primark

Green shoes: Primark

Green necklace: stolen from my mum

Cream shoes: Next

Pearls: from a local craft fair

Rainbow bracelet: Claire’s Accessories

Face: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, Urban Decay eyeshadows in Bordello, Uzi, Money and Shattered, No7 360 mascara, No7 lipstick in Chic, Sleek blush in Rose Gold.

P1000891 (1) P1000896

I wore this white dress all weekend, because I love it so much – it is my perfect summer dress. Also, I’m incredibly impressed with myself for keeping it clean: I sat on the grass, ate strawberries and chocolate ice cream, and baked three bright blue cakes with a whole bottle of food colouring. And it’s still perfectly white. I must be a real grown-up now!

Just a couple of non-symmetrical pictures, because they’re nice!P1000900P1000872Commendations to Boyfriend for this set of photos: his patience and talent for taking photos meant that, even though I forgot my memory card, and we had to rely on the 24 picture spaces of the internal memory of the camera, we still came back with really nice ones!

Do you have any fashion pieces you’ve bought in several colours? Come on, make me feel like less of a hoarder!

Asha x

2 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: 4th and 5th of June

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