Review: Lush Emotional Brilliance, Decisive and Motivation

I spend a lot of time in Lush, and over time I’ve been tempted from the glittery bath side of the store to the more everyday items on the other side. Part of this was discovering their Emotional Brilliance range of make up – late to the party, I know – which I’d always dismissed as too expensive for something not very special. Boy was I wrong. Yes, it is expensive (£14.50 a colour), but the products are comparable to high end products, and well, well worth the money.


I currently own Decisive, a gorgeous red with very subtle pink shine, and Motivation, an intense shimmery teal blue. While Lush say you can use these colours as eyeliner, eyeshadow, cheek colour and lipstick, I play it completely safe, using Decisive as lipstick and Motivation as eyeliner (backed up by the fact that Decisive comes with a doe foot applicator, and Motivation with a little brush).

The gimmick behind these products is that they represent facets of your personality, and be used to boost that facet while you wear them. There’s a fun little game that you can play online (here) or in the shop, during which you relax and close your eyes, then choose three colours that stand out to you from a spinning wheel – not the ones you like, just the ones you notice. The colours you pick supposedly represent your strength, your subconscious need and your aspiration.

Personally, I think this is kind of silly, but like horoscopes, it’s very easy to see how the explanations adapt to suit all sorts of people. The last time I played the game, my strength was Sophisticated, my need was Healthy, and my desire was Vibrance, which kind of made sense at the time, but some of the colours were terrible on me (Sophisticated is a lovely pinky-taupe, but Healthy is lime green and Vibrance is shimmery orange). Instead, I tried on three colours I liked the look of, and over the next couple of weeks, bought two of them. You can look at the whole range here instead of playing the game.



Decisive is a gorgeous matte red, with a similar consistency to the Rimmel Apocalips, except much less smudgy, and less shiny. The tiny doe foot is easy to control, and the product is really long lasting, but I don’t find it drying. There’s the usual amount of transference on glasses and things, but I was surprised to find that this doesn’t seem to affect the colour on the lips…


Motivation is a beautiful dark teal blue with a strong shine. I’ve swatched it above as eyeliner and blended out as eyeshadow. I really like this, because it’s very vibrant, but just seems to work well with my skin tone, so it doesn’t look too much. The shortness of the brush is a little difficult to manoeuvre, but it’s not too drastic.

I adore the consistency and pigmentation of these colours, and really want to buy Sophistication eyeshadow and Bubbly and Passionate lipsticks, but while I do think they are worth the price, it’s still not money to be sniffed at, so I’ll be saving up.

What do you think of Lush’s Emotional Brilliance range? Have you tried these, or any other colours?

Asha x



3 thoughts on “Review: Lush Emotional Brilliance, Decisive and Motivation

  1. I tried Power on my lips today – a coral red with a gold shimmer. It looks PERFECT on me but now I am home and have had a careful bite to eat I am finding that although it still looks good from a distance it is collecting in the little skin creases of my lips and so becoming patchy. Will wear it out this evening and collect feedback before buying – as you say, £14.50 is a lot for an effect you could probably create with cheaper make-up brands.

    I am also tempted by Motivation, Success and especially Fantasy as eyeliners, as I cannot find a soft gold eyeliner pencil anywhere!

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