End of Term Hauling, Part Two: Lush

The second part of my haul! Start here if you missed yesterday’s post. But for now, on to Lush!


I popped into Lush on Sunday morning to say goodbye just before I moved out, and of course to stock up on lovely things to put in my bath! I love my bath. At home we have a big, deep bath, with a big, deep hot water tank (unlike at Boyfriend’s, where there’s only ever enough hot water for half a bath, and you have to run up and down stairs with multiple kettles to get it chest-deep). This definitely requires Lush products!

So I gathered a few bits, and was even tempted into perfume and make up, which are enormous weaknesses of mine (you bad influences, you).

Firstly, I made a beeline for Phoenix Rising bath bomb, a deep purple and gold cinnamon-y spice-y wonderful bath bomb which never fails to relax me. In the spirit of relaxation, I went straight for Dreamtime bath melt, to add a silky lavender-camomile hit to any bath bomb (I’m thinking maybe Sex Bomb?), and in the spirit of getting some get-up-and-go back once I’m done relaxing, I also picked up a Dorothy bubble bar, which I’ve never had before. This is a fun and colourful floral, with ylang ylang and orange flower, and it just smells like energy!

I also wanted to pick up Bubbly lipstick, because I’ve really been loving wearing Decisive, and this pretty gold-tinged pink really impressed me when I tried it on in the shop. I think I might have a slightly old one, since it’s a little clumpy around the top, but I’ve mixed it up and it seems fine. I’m actually sad I didn’t pick this earlier and wear it through spring!

And then finally, just I was headed to the till, someone pointed out that I didn’t actually own Sikkim Girls perfume, which for someone like me who loves jasmine and frangipani, was a little bit odd. After trying it on my skin for the zillionth time, I decided to take the plunge and get it, and I’m glad I did. This is a lovely floral, nothing at all like the jasmine-punch that is Lust, but something complex and exotic. I really like it on my skin.

See any of your favourite products here? What did I forget to stock up on?

Asha x


16 thoughts on “End of Term Hauling, Part Two: Lush

  1. Great post! I love Lush so much, I find myself spending way too much money there! lol I have always wanted to try the Phoenix bath bomb, I have only tried the dragon egg one and it was so cool looking in my bath tub!

    • Thanks! What do you get in Lush, if not bath bombs? For years, that was all I’d buy from there! Dragon’s Egg is lovely, thanks for reminding me 🙂
      Phoenix Rising is so gorgeous – it turns the water shimmery purple 😀

      • You’re welcome! I have tried their shampoo and conditioning bars! Those little guys are amazing! I also love their lotion bars as well, they smell crazy good. I will definitely have to pick up the Phoenix Rising one on my next trip, purple is my favorite color, and in a bath that would be amazing 🙂

        • Ooh, yes, I’m currently using Ultimate Shine shampoo, which is nice 🙂 I don’t love the rosemary, but I do really like the way it leaves my hair. What’s your favourite conditioning bar? I’m not sure which one to try…

          • I’m using the thickening one 🙂 yeah I Love how convenient they are for travel. But I do agree sometimes their scents are hit or miss. I use the “friends with benefits” bar lol. I Love it because it smells so good like lemon and makes my skin so soft! Although, make sure you don’t leave it in a sunny area that’s how mine melted in to nothing :0 haha

  2. Great haul! Quite jealous as I put myself on a bit of an unofficial spending ban (*clicks away three online shopping pages*). Does Phoenix Rising leave a lot of glittery residue on your skin / tub?

    • Don’t worry, I’m definitely on a spending ban too, after all this! Good luck with yours 🙂
      Phoenix doesn’t – as with all the strong-coloured bath bombs, you’ll need to rinse round the tub afterwards just to be sure, but it’s just a lustre, no glitter. Makes the water shimmery, but nothing to stick to you 🙂

    • Well, I really like them, as I hope you can tell! But they’re not “OMG the best things on the market”, it very much depends on if you get on with them…
      I would recommend trying them out, if you have a Lush nearby you can get to – the lipsticks are a similar consistency to the Rimmel Apocalips (but nowhere near as sticky/shiny), and personally I’d never tried cream eyeshadow before, so that was not what I was expecting. They should be really good about letting you try whichever colours you fancy 🙂
      They’re too expensive to just buy on recommendation, go try them if you can! 🙂

        • One thing I do find is that my friends in Lush think I own more Emotional Brilliance than I actually do, and always say ‘Oh, you’re wearing X!’ when I’m not – Urban Decay’s Sidecar (4th in the original Naked palette) is a great dupe for Sophistication, and Rimmel Apocalips in Apocaliptic is very similar to Passionate (Passionate is a bit brighter, though).
          The three I have, I bought because I’d never seen anything like two of them (Bubbly and Motivation), and because I’ve spent years looking for my perfect matte red (Decisive). So… Make sure they’re special, I guess, even though they’re all lovely colours?

          • Thankyou for the advice! Have you ever checked out Illamasqua for matte reds? They do an absolutely flawless range and the MUAs are really friendly and non-pressuring! I wouldn’t be without mine!

            • I haven’t, no 😦 – I’ve never seen a counter, and I’m always really reluctant to buy pricier cosmetics without trying them. Next time I’m in London, though, I’m going to make sure I get to their shop, because all their stuff is beautiful!

  3. These all look so wonderful! I’m so jealous, whenever I go into Lush, they ask if I’d like any of the bath products.. but I don’t have a bathtub! 😦 one day!

    • Aww, how rubbish! A bathtub is a must have for me, I’ll be looking for a house fairly soon, and it’ll take something incredibly special for me to accept not having a bathtub 😛
      With lots of their bath stuff, they do shower things in similar/ the same scents, so it might be worth asking one of the assistants what they have that would curb your appetite 🙂

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