End of Term Hauling, Part Three: The Body Shop

Have you seen Part One of this haul? If not, start there!

Today I’m showing you what I came home to; a haul achieved in my absence, thanks to some belated birthday presents and my mum’s trip to the Body Shop Outlet at Swindon. So, thanks Mum!


Yes, that’s quite a lot of lip balm… With the things I picked up from the Body Shop last week, I’m pretty much sorted for body butter and lip balm for a while now!

P1010047First up, then, are two body butters, which were, I think, 2 for £11, instead of the normal retail price of £13 for one. When my mum texted me that she was in the shop, I requested ‘any fruit beginning with P’ (these are all my favourites!), and here I have Papaya and Passionfruit, which I’m very excited to use – I just finished up a Papaya one, and was really enjoying it, so I’m glad to have another one to move onto!


Then these little Born Lippy lip balm pots were 4 for £4.80, so I just asked for a random selection, since I like them all: I ended up with Strawberry, Raspberry, Passionberry and Guava. These all smell delicious, and are really cute to just slip in a handbag.

P1010052And then finally, a belated birthday present: some of the Korres Lip Butters, yay! I’ve wanted these for so long, and now I have two! I have Pomegranate and Wild Rose, both of which smell incredible, and feel really moisturising on the lips. Look out for a review of these soon!

And that’s the end of Part Two – come back tomorrow to see my recent book finds!

Asha x


3 thoughts on “End of Term Hauling, Part Three: The Body Shop

  1. I’ve been umming and ahhing over korres for some time? Any good? Also, promise me that one day you’ll try Mor Lip Macarons. The cutest and nicest smelling lipbalms EVER. 🙂

    • So far, so good! The rose one isn’t as rose-smelling as I’d expected, but they’re both great quality – once I’ve had a chance to road test them properly, I’ll do a review 🙂 If you can’t wait, though, my general thinking is YES!

      I’ve never heard of those, they look beautiful! I’ll have to check them out – where do you get them from?

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