End of Term Hauling, Part Four: Books (Sunday Book Nook #5)

It’s the final part of my haul, boo! From now on, I’m on a no-spend for a month, which will be a bit miserable, I think, but should hopefully make up for this little lot… (Part One, Part Two, Part Three)

Books, today, mostly thanks to a shopping trip with my dad.


This is a very typical haul for me – gorgeous notebooks, old school stories, and a book of folklore.


I found these beautiful little notebooks while in Blackwells with Rowan on Sunday morning – I love the magical feel of them, from the bear on the flying carpet to the girl leaning into the wind. I didn’t think to get a picture, but the illustrations go all the way round to the back (my favourite of the backs is the little boy book, which has ships in the waves – who’s the wrong size?) They’re A6, and alternately lined and plain, so they’ll be really handy as handbag notebooks.


A trip to my favourite secondhand bookshop provided me with these two school stories. I collect Angela Brazil’s stories, more than any other school author, so I was pleased to find A Fourth Form Friendship. And although I don’t usually go for boys’ school stories, I just couldn’t leave one authored by John Finnemore (although I’m sure he’s not the same one!), so I also picked up The Outlaw of the Shell. 

P1010042Dad and I also explored a bookshop we’d not been in before (not a secondhand one, gasp!), and I found a copy of a book I’d been really excited for the release of, Gossip from the Forest by Sara Maitland. This book delves into the folklore and fairy tales of the English forests and their origins and meanings, and sounds right up my street!

Just a few books to add to the towering TBR piles, then…

And that concludes my enormous, four part haul, and hopefully, my beauty and book buying for July. Think this little lot will tide me over, or do you think I’ll crack?

Asha x

6 thoughts on “End of Term Hauling, Part Four: Books (Sunday Book Nook #5)

    • Haha, I know what you mean! I can go a while without spending, but as soon as it’s officially ‘A Spending Ban’ I start to want all the things… Fingers crossed, though! I think the way I’ll get through it is to make a list of pricier beauty things I want, and save up for them, so I’m not tempted to buy small things 🙂

          • Haha oh I know! Recently I’ve been getting samples of high end products and if they work for me buying the full size with boots vouchers 🙂 then I repurchase if it’s good – saves money in the long term too because then I don’t have to spend loads searching for my holy grail product 🙂 saying that though I have an illamasqua sale order arriving today.. Oops!

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