My Nail Polish Collection

While I was packing up my room at the end of term, I took the opportunity to go through a lot of my stuff and get rid of a lot of things. One of the areas I tackled was my rather large nail polish collection!

P1000829I forced myself to be quite realistic and get rid of anything that I never wore or always took off straight after applying (does anyone else do this?). I admitted to myself that I don’t like bright pink nail polish, or glitter in a clear top coat, and despite the prettiness of the bottles, cleared those out too. Now all my polish fits in one box (with the exception of A England, which I will never cull, and which I’ll show my collection of another day). 

P1000833Nails Inc polishes first! I have Tate (dark red), Glamour Glitter (gold glitter in clear polish), two bottles of Belgrave Place (Cadbury purple), Elizabeth Street (pale white-pink) and a Kensington Caviar base coat.

Tate and Glamour Glitter were free with Glamour, Belgrave Place and Elizabeth Street I picked up for something ridiculous like £7 altogether in TK Maxx, and the base coat came in a set with the Kensington Caviar top coat, but I finished that ages ago.



Next up, Jessica Nails, all of which I bought at Nirvana Spa. These have a tendency to look dark in the bottle, but very different on the nails!

I have Pumpkin Delight (copper foil), Gorgeous Garter Belt (peony-pink creme), Intrigue (lilac-nude), Platinum Wishes (green, blue and silver glitter), Notorious (shimmery dark brown-red) and Vampy Vixen (shimmery green-black).

P1000838Barry M polishes, some of which are ancient! These are much truer to colour, so I’ll just give the names.

From left to right: Blueberry Ice Cream, Navy, Watermelon, Aqua Glitter, Greenberry, Lemon Ice Cream, Papaya, Pomegranate, Raspberry.

P1000846And Rimmel: Green Grass, Pear Drop, Blue Me Away, Electric (dark blue with electric blue shimmer), Deliciously Dark (more plum than black), Perfect Plum, and Double Decker Red.

P1000839A couple of Magnetic polishes, 17 Green and Nails Inc Houses of Parliament.

P1000844Miscellaneous high end polishes: China Glaze Harvest Moon (copper foil), OPI I Brake for Manicures (dark plum creme), Zoya Kelly (bluey-grey creme) and Essie Mesmerized (primary colour blue).

P1000845And finally, miscellaneous high street polishes. MUA Shade 1, No7 Salsa and So Simple, Miss Sporty Shimmer Red, an unbranded red creme, and Maybelline Express Finish Red Comet.

So what do you think of my collection? Anything you’d like to see swatched?

Asha x









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