Surprise Lush Haul!

I still haven’t broken my spending ban, don’t worry!

On Saturday, my local Lush shop was taking part in the attempt to break the World Record for the number of kiss-prints collected in a day, to celebrate International Kissing Day and Lush’s cruelty free make up. They asked me to help out recording people’s names, but I ended up standing in the middle of the busiest street in Oxford with a cardboard sign, cajoling passers-by to come and ‘give us a kiss’!

I had a lot of fun, and went to head off after a couple of hours, when the very lovely manager handed me one of the enormous gift sets as a thank you! I was so surprised, and so grateful – here are my lovely goodies from the the You’re a Star gift set.

DSCF1662 DSCF1664

Lots of fab goodies! This box has a little bit of everything from bath things to skincare, and apparently everything in here has been bought by a celebrity. It would be a great introductory box to Lush, but also makes this Lush addict very happy.

One thing to note is that several things in this box are lavender scented, which some people might not prefer – I’m not normally a lavender fan, but I find that Lush lavender is often very soft, rather than harsh, which is great. (Also, this box is supposed to come with a Dreamtime bath melt, which mine was missing, but I’m hardly going to look my gift Lush in the mouth! I love Dreamtime and already have one in the stash, so that’s fine.)

I think it’s great that Lush includes sample size face moisturisers in their gift packs, so you can try them out, but aren’t stuck with a whole pot if something doesn’t suit you. My skin likes Imperialis the best, but I’m looking forward to trying out Skin’s Shangri La cream. I also have a full-size Dream Cream, a lavender, chamomile and oat moisturiser I adore (and you know I don’t normally like body lotion!), and have already started using to combat the sunburn I got asking people to kiss me! Completely new to me is Silky Underwear Dusting Powder, which is essentially really beautiful  rose-and-jasmine scented talc. I wouldn’t normally purchase this for myself, as it’s a bit frivolous, but it is lovely.


I’ve also never had a French Kiss – the bubble bar that is, a purple lavender-y twist-shaped bar, or indeed a Ceridwen’s Cauldron, which smells incredible. I love the smell of this – it’s herby and buttery and very very spa-like. This is a luxury bath melt, but a bit of a different one, since you can hold it under the tap and then save some for another day – the muslin bag also acts as an exfoliating wash thingy, but I’m not sure about that, anyone tried it? In the middle is a staple of mine, the Blackberry bath bomb – it just smells like blackberries, so so nice!


And finally, a Therapy massage bar and and Aqua Mirabilis buffing body butter, neither of which I’ve tried. I love the Lush massage bars, and this Therapy one smells incredible; it’s a much gentler scent than Each Peach or Midnight Massage, which will be really relaxing to use at night. I’m also very excited about the body butter bar – I’d been planning to buy one of these next time I was in! It’s an exfoliating, moisturising bar you use in the shower, which sounds similar to You Snap the Whip, but hopefully won’t leave such a terrible black mess all over everything…

This box has an amazing amount of things in it – it retails for £40.95, which is a little cheaper than it would be to buy all these individually, and I really can’t fault the selection! There’s lots in here that’s new to me, which makes me very happy, and I know that when I use these things I’ll be thinking of my incredibly generous friends at Lush.

Did you take part in the Cruelty Free Kisses event (especially in Oxford!)? What out of this box would you like to see reviewed? Any favourites in here?

Asha x


5 thoughts on “Surprise Lush Haul!

  1. What a coincidence — I spent my Saturday doing the same (and I’m also on a cosmetics spending ban)! Had a great afternoon, it was so much fun! I got a Tutti Fruity box and two spring collection reusable bubble bars as a thank you 🙂 Have you already tried the buffing body butter? It sounds interesting!

    On a different matter: have you already seen all the amazing magazine “freebies” this month? Harper’s Bazaar (£4.something) comes with a travel size L’Occitane moisturiser, Glamour (£2) comes with Balance Me face wash, shower gel, lip gloss or moisturiser, and I’ve seen another magazines (can’t remember which one) that comes with a miniature Rituals mascara (and other one comes with a REN travel set). I’ve really been wanting to buy Harper’s and (a few) Glamours, but I’m not sure whether that’s violating the spending ban, what do you think? 🙂

    • Oh, awesome – not in Oxford?? I haven’t tried it yet as I wanted to keep it dry to bring it home, but I’ll report back when I have!

      I hadn’t got round to looking up this month’s freebies yet, but they look good! I think it doesn’t count if you would buy the magazine anyway, but if you’re buying it just for the product, it definitely counts (still cheap though!)… I need to get some magazines for my holiday, though, and this might well influence what I get! Probably won’t bother with the L’Occitane as I find the Precious Cream too rich, but I’ve been wanting to try Balance Me for a little while. I’ll probably pick up Red – although I didn’t love the last REN set they gave away, I do really enjoy the magazine!
      Cosmo’s got Nip + Fab products, too 🙂

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