Me Good Blog-Person.

I’m really struggling for blog post ideas at the moment, because of a few annoying circumstances:

1) I have a big horrible spot that I don’t exactly want to commemorate in photos.

2) I managed to leave all my basic make up at Boyfriend’s house, so I’m currently using my mum’s foundation, which is way too dark, to cover said spot.

3) I’m spending a lot of time at work, so I’m not wearing any nice outfits, just black skirt and shirt.

4) I’ve broken two of my nails, so I’ve had to cut the others down, and now they’re too short to paint.



Have a photo of some shocked coconuts.

So, I’m sorry if endless product reviews gets a little bit boring, but I can’t see how to shake it up until I get my face and nails back, and have a chance to wear something other than work stuff…

To try to make up for it, here’s a blurry iPhone picture of me and some friends with a TARDIS at the BBC.



We went to see the recording of the third series of John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme (a very funny Radio 4 sketch show), and it was brilliant! If anyone wants to hear about the day, and see some slightly better photos, let me know.

And if you have any ideas, also let me know those! Otherwise, bear with me for a few days and I should get a little bit more variety going…

Asha x


3 thoughts on “Me Good Blog-Person.

  1. Are nails ever too short to paint? I keep mine as short as possible all the time (sport, horses, to stop biting) and still paint them!

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