Soaking Exhausted!

Remember my resolution to get fit over the summer?

Well, I’m into my third week of the Couch to 5k plan, where you build up over nine weeks from the lowest start (puffing through a 60 second jog) to being able to run 5k/30 minutes at a time. Today, I decided to balance my exercise with a bit of a resistance workout, and had a lovely session with one of the personal trainers at the gym to create a weights programme I can actually do.

And I did this in 32 degree heat. After a very busy five hours at work (Classicist by term, waitress by holiday!).

So, I’ve been sweltering and very active all day, and when I got home, muscles complaining, all I wanted to do was flomp down and relax. And that’s where my soak in the bath came in!


I ran a bath rather cooler than usual, and used an array of relaxing lavender-camomile Lush bits and pieces to get me ready for an early night. I slicked on some Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask, used about a quarter of my French Kiss bubble bar for heaps of bubbles, and exfoliated with the Aqua Mirabilis body butter bar. Add to that an excellent book and a cup of Pukka Dreamtime tea, and I was all set!

What do you do to treat yourself after a busy day?

Asha x


7 thoughts on “Soaking Exhausted!

  1. I know that feeling very well! Running and weights in this weather is hard going – I’m getting home and flomping on the sofa when I’m supposed to be applying for a masters degree…

    I definitely need to get to Lush for bath goodies, I’m (very slowly) building up to 10k and a cool bath sounds divine after a run and this looks amazing!

    • Oh, I know! This afternoon I was kicking myself for saying I’d do it over the summer… Do you run outside, or at least with a bit of air con in the gym? At the moment, the most I’m running is 3 minute intervals, I can’t even imagine running 5k, let alone 10K!
      How is the applying going?
      And Lush-wise, have you tried the Dorothy bubble bar? It might be my absolute new favourite. It smells incredible (not the same, but kinda similar to Sakura – I think it was you that was gutted it was gone?)

      • I’m too scared to run outside (I have quite clumsy feet!) so I’m in the gym at the moment – but the air conditioning is poor, so it’s been difficult to muster any energy this week especially!

        It’s amazing how quickly you’ll build up longer times running, the couch to 5k is a really good way of doing it too :).

        It’s going okay, sorting out funding is the most difficult part!

        Yes that was me! Ooh it’s payday today so I may tootle down to Lush on my lunch break?

        I hope work is going well for you and it isn’t too hot 😦 xx

  2. I ran 5k last night (running, without walking or stopping) 🙂 I also started off very slowly, when I started I couldn’t even run for the bus without feeling out of breath, let alone run 5k. But I went from couch potato to gym bunny in about 9 months and I feel much fitter than I did before. One piece of advice (that I ignored yesterday): make sure replenish both water and salt during / after exercising in the heat! I underestimated the importance and felt a bit squeamish afterwards…

    About the Lush products: I find that the Catastrophe doesn’t dry up as nicely when you’re in the bath. What do you think?

    • Wow, well done you! I’m glad to hear someone’s actually done it..!
      You’re right, it doesn’t dry up as much, but that doesn’t bother me ’cause it means I can still move my face without crumbling everywhere 😛

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