Review: Lush Volcano Foot Mask

Working as a waitress means that I spend several hours at a time on my feet, and when I get back from work, they’re always exhausted and in need of a little bit of TLC.

So that’s where Volcano foot mask comes in. This is a cooling, scrubby foot mask made with pumice and tomatoes which you apply liberally onto your feet, leave to dry, then rinse off with water (scrubbing as you go). I reckon there’s three applications in this little £5.75 pot, which I think is pretty expensive, but overall I do like this mask, as it’s a bit more luxurious than just scrubbing with a pumice stone.


First of all, I feel that I should warn you loudly: THIS IS THE MESSIEST THING IN THE WORLD. 

Obviously, this is a product for your feet, and therefore if you want to move, mess. I was pretty stupid the first time I put it on, and sat on the end of my bed to do it, thinking ‘oh, I’ll just stay still for ten minutes’, before realising I’d need to wash my hands and having to lean across to construct a sort of pathway of paper and plastic bags… This time, I sat on the edge of the bath, which kept the mess to a contained and easily-cleanable area. Although it still got everywhere, like a messy grey Midas touch. 

Secondly, I should warn you that this smells pretty bad. There’s a definite smell of tomatoes, but also of mint – while either would be lovely on their own, together it’s fairly pungent. The smell doesn’t linger on the skin, but it does linger in the air, so use in a well-ventilated place!


Okay, negatives out of the way, time for the good things!

Volcano mask slips onto the skin really nicely, despite the gritty texture from the pumice. The texture is hard to describe, but it is thick thick thick, and gritty, and as you put it on, you can’t help but think your feet will thank you! In particular, Volcano’s cooling effect is really lovely when your feet are hot and tired. The scrubby part leaves your feet feeling soft, but it’s not scrubby enough to remove any hard skin (ew) – instead, it provides a good starting point to make it easier to do this with a pumice stone.

I really like this, but can’t see that it fills any particular gap in my routine – I’d happily use it again, but would just as happily soak my feet in hot water after work. What do you do to treat your feet when they ache?

Asha x


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