Letting go…

I’ve been trying to declutter, and I ended up going through my wardrobe on Monday and ditching around two thirds of my clothes – ones I just no longer wear. I want to create something like a larger version of a capsule wardrobe: no limit on the number of things, but only things I look and feel good in, so I never have those “try-everything-on-in-a-panic-i-hate-everything” moments.

Some of the decisions I made were easy, and some were more difficult – like this one:


Excuse the weird hands, it’s hard posing!

This checked shirt was a staple of my wardrobe from about the age of 17 – worn like this over a cami with skinny jeans. It never did up (presumably the cut, because it is my size), so I always wore it like this.

DSCF1690So, it still fits, and it still looks nice like this – why ditch it?
Well, it’s more a question of style. Do I still want to dress like this? No, I’m trying to dress more smartly and more feminine…ly. The faded, casual thing is really not very me any more. So although I like this outfit, I don’t want to wear it. So I’m getting rid of it. Someone else can love it!

How ruthless are you with your wardrobe? I still have a long way to go – for starters, my wardrobe only had dresses and tops in, my large collection of skirts is yet to be tackled… and also, I’m now dying to fish this out of my swap bag. I know I should let it go, but I’m struggling…

Asha x




5 thoughts on “Letting go…

  1. I’m trying to set limits. I know less is more, and my life will be less stressful. Best wishes and looks like you’re off to a great start! Thanks for the post!!

    • You’re welcome – thank you for stopping by!
      I know I have tendencies towards ALL THE STUFF, so I’m very much aware that I need to work hard to have the streamlined life I want, without the stress that STUFF brings.
      My decluttering motto is: if I moved across the world, would I pay someone to fly this to me?
      Unsurprisingly, the answer is usually no..!

  2. I really need to go through all my clothes too! I have so many things that I don’t wear any more and haven’t for years, but I just can’t seem to get rid… I’ve been through a few times, but I really need to be ruthless too…

    • It was really difficult – it took me three hours to do just dresses and tops, with poor Boyfriend sitting there helping me be extra ruthless when I dithered over some items! Definitely try to get some moral support from someone relatively impartial and someone close enough not to judge you for the amount of things you get rid of.
      I also found it helped to know that I was going to take a lot of the stuff I didn’t want to swap shops with my friends, so I could get new things I liked more!
      Don’t feel you need to do it all at once. I filled a large box with things I’m going to put away and check again at the start of October, when hopefully I’ll have lost the rest of the weight I want to lose…

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