Foodies Festival Snaps and a Tasty Haul

Something a little bit different for you today – a little more of a lifestyle post than usual.

As part of the promotion for Dress Up Live Friday , Boyfriend and I spent Monday afternoon at the Foodies Festival in Oxford, taking pictures of all the cool stylish people there and soaking up the sun and the awesome atmosphere. We had so much fun, what with the great weather, lovely tasters, free drinks and general loveliness of everyone there.


This lovely guy made us the snazziest G&Ts – mine was strawberry and black pepper, which was so awesome!


Pretty macarons! We bought several 🙂 Continue reading

The Starting Off Project: Week 1, Skincare!

Over the next 10 weeks, I’m going to be taking part in a really awesome blog series, The Starting Off/SO Project, run by Stephanie over at Steph’s Inside Voice.


The aim of this project is to give advice to people who are new to the world of make-up and beauty. I’m one of 120 bloggers who’ll be taking part, and Stephanie’s made a fantastic schedule of topics, so expect a new post at 6pm each Tuesday. On her blog, there’s a veerrrrrry long list of people taking part, so you should definitely check out their posts too!

This week’s theme is Skincare, which is perfect for a first post, given that looking after your skin is the first building block of beauty.  Continue reading

Review: Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel

Oh, if you had any idea how much I just wanted to write “THE BEST THING EVER. JUST GO. GO BUY IT. NOW.” rather than a full review… You are being warned, this will probably be excessively gushing and full of superlatives. Because Rose Jam shower gel is incredible!


Oh my gosh. Where to begin? Okay, let’s keep this simple, with bullet points.  Continue reading

Review: Superdrug Coconut and Almond Conditioner

I go through conditioner like there’s no tomorrow, so I’m always up for seeking out cheap but effective brands. I usually stick with Alberto Balsam, which you can usually find for ÂŁ1 a bottle, but my tiny local Superdrug was completely out – so I decided to try this, since it was only 99p. Well played, Superdrug.


I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the biggest fan of coconut scents, but this is actually quite a sweet, almondy scent, not too overpoweringly coconutty. The scent actually doesn’t linger too long, and has vanished once my hair is totally dry, which suits me perfectly.

I had actually tried this before, in a mini bottle from the gym, and was impressed by the softness it gave to my hair. This is a really gorgeous thick formula, thicker than some deep conditioners I’ve tried, and it smooths through your hair very easily, making it super quick to comb through (even with the tangle-nest that is my hair). I’d say this tames my hair to an average degree, maybe a little bit more than Alberto Balsam  – no miracles, but good enough for frequent use.


The pump looked like it would be handy in limiting how quickly I went through it, but in reality I just pumped it about twenty times to get the amount I wanted – not so useful then. I expect I’ll get about 8 washes out of this bottle, which is about fair, and for 99p you really can’t go wrong! I’d definitely buy this again, perhaps when I want something a little thicker than my usual conditioner…

Do you have any recommendations for cheap, effective conditioner? I’m glad I’ve added this to my haircare arsenal, but I’m always on the lookout for more options!

Asha x

Review: Mizon Snail Repair Cream


So, I have a funny story to tell you about this little jar of cream. I won a giveaway over at Storybook Apothecary and this was my lovely prize, but because it was an international giveaway, it took a couple of weeks to reach me.

All post that gets sent to me at university goes to the college building itself, rather than to my room, and is collected up by the porters and sorted into ‘pigeonholes’. On the day that this arrived, I was having a very bad day. Some horrible personal stuff had happened the night before, so I was operating on very little sleep – and it was near the end of term anyway, when I’m always exhausted! I’d had a 9am class just before picking this up, so it’s safe to say I was not at my best. Continue reading

Lovely Boyfriend’s Lush Haul

I had some very exciting news about a job over the weekend, which means I’m temporarily back in Oxford!

I’m going to be working with Oxford Fashion Week on the Ashmolean’s Dress Up LiveFriday evening – I’ll be telling you a bit more about that in the next couple of days, but I’m super excited to be involved, and ever so proud of my little blog for helping me to get the job. In the meantime, check out their blog to keep up to date:

Apparently, lovely Boyfriend is also proud of me, and I arrived back at his house, laden with suitcases, to find a little pile of Lush presents as a congratulations – what a sweetie 🙂 So what did he get?



A Rosie gift set, and a big chunk of Miranda soap! The perfect pick of old favourites for someone as rose obsessed as me, and something new that I’ve never tried before.

DSCF2566Miranda is a very pretty soap – a creamy pale green with bright fruity chunks set in it. It also smells incredible, with exotic fruits like kiwi and bergamot, but with something beautifully floral (probably the ylang ylang) that keeps it from smelling too much like a fruit salad, and just a touch of creaminess to make this feel really luxurious. I can’t wait to jump in the shower with this – I think it’ll be perfect to combat that I-don’t-want-to-wake-up morning feeling.


I think Rosie might be my perfect Lush gift set, in as much as I could ever choose one! Inside this pretty box is a selection of beautiful rose products:

  • Rose Queen bath bomb
  • Rose Jam bubbleroon
  • Amandopondo bubble bar
  • Ro’s Argan body conditioner

All of these are well-established favourites of mine (I might have gone a bit mad and ordered half a litre of the limited edition Rose Jam shower gel, I love the scent that much) and they all work wonderfully together to create a rosy paradise in your bathroom!


This is such a thoughtful present – I can see lots of thank-you cake getting made in the next couple of weeks!

What would be your dream Lush present?

Asha x


Review: Soap and Glory Slimwear Body Balm


I first picked up Soap and Glory’s Slimwear about six years ago, when I was first attempting to lose weight, but lost interest in both the weight-loss and this supposedly cellulite-busting cream quite quickly. Having been shut at the back of a drawer for a while, I’m aware that this cream might not be at its best, but since I’ve been trying to use it up, I thought I’d give you a little peek at how I’m finding it a second time round.  Continue reading

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Wow, do I feel loved! First the Liebster award, now the Versatile Blogger award in the space of a couple of weeks! A massive thank you to PearlsnHeels for nominating me – you should check out her blog too for all sorts of tidbits of make up and beauty awesomeness.

  • The rules are that you must post the award, and who nominated you for it on the post!
  • You have to give 15 awards to 15 other bloggers that really deserve to receive it.
  • Then post 7 amazing things about yourself, what makes you and your blog special!

I’m really not convinced I can think of 7 more interesting facts about me, but here goes…

  1. I feel twitchy if I set my alarm clock to any number other than one that ends in 0 or 5. I just couldn’t wake up at 6:47, it has to be 6:45 or 6:50.
  2. I really hate dyeing my hair – I love having different colours, but I hate the actual application of it!
  3. My favourite number is 56. I don’t know why. Continue reading