So White Bathtime!

So White is my favourite Lush bath bomb.

“Is it?” asks Boyfriend, reading over my shoulder. 

“Well…” I say. “Phoenix Rising is also my favourite. And Rose Queen. Oh, and Fizzbanger and Cinders and The Enchanter and if we’re counting discontinued ones then also Sakura. Oh, and Honey Bee.” 

“Right.” says Boyfriend. 

So White is one of my favourite Lush bath bombs.

I love the appley scent, and the hidden awesomeness of what looks like a plain white bath bomb!


Just a sweet, innocent little white ball…


But what’s this?


Bright pink on the inside? Awesome!

As you know, I’m a sucker for anything fairy-tale based, and even just the hint of Snow White’s tempting apple with its hidden nature makes me very happy.

I can’t wait for Christmas for this to come back onto the shelves – luckily I stocked up, and have friends (hi Rowan) who are massive So White enablers.

What’s your favourite (one of your favourite) bath bomb?

Asha x


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