Review: Lush Eau Roma Toner Water and Multi-tasker Extraordinaire!

Eau Roma Toner – a marvellous multi-tasker that has seen me through cold winter Oxford and hot sunny Malta alike! This is one of the unsung heroes of my make-up bag. I’ve always put off reviewing it because “nobody loves toner, surely?”, but I really really do.

Eau Roma is a lavender and rose water toner from Lush, so you know it’s only going to be good for you. A disclaimer – I expect you can do much the same multi-tasking with any spray floral water, but I like the simplicity of having both the lavender and rose in one, and the handy bottle.

P1010361Ready for the list?

  1. Of course, as a good old facial toner. Spritz on a cotton pad, or directly on your face, after cleansing, to remove all traces of cleanser and tighten your skin.
  2. As a make up remover when you make mistakes. Dip a cotton bud into the liquid, and use to remove that smudge of mascara under your eyes, or that spot where you missed your lips with the lipstick.
  3. To set your make-up (in some circumstances). This doesn’t work particularly well if you prefer a matte look, but will help to hold a dewier base in place on your face (how ace!).
  4. When you’re hot, cool down by using this as a facial spritz. This made me very happy in Malta.
  5. If you can’t sleep, spraying a bit of this on your pillow might help (it helps me!) because of the lavender.
  6. Spray into your hair to defrizz and detangle, or even to dampen to help with a hairstyle.

Gentle and gorgeous-smelling, Eau Roma is a must-have for me, although at £7.25 for 250ml, it’s quite pricey. As much as I love this, I’m tempted to try to find a cheaper alternative, but for now, the goodness of Lush will have to do… Do you bother with toner? What’s your Holy Grail toner?

Asha x

14 thoughts on “Review: Lush Eau Roma Toner Water and Multi-tasker Extraordinaire!

  1. I’ve always used Breath of Fresh Air but recently tried Eau Roma Water and I love it too! I use it as a regular toner and a make-up setting spray. Sometimes, a face mist just to freshen up! Love it! 😀

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