Mini Lush Haul!




Just a couple of little additions to my hoard! I helped a very lovely friend rearrange her room a bit over the weekend, and had a really fun time doing so. Unexpectedly, this led to my favourite kind of thank you – Lush things! 

I’ve been in love with Blousey shampoo for quite a while now, but I know that I go through hair stuff at a rate of knots with my long, thick, tangly hair, so I’ve never been able to afford to get hooked on it! It looks kind of horrible, since it’s made out of bananas and mushy and brown, but it smells amazing, like Flowers Barrow perfume, and is so kind to my dry hair. When I previously had a sample of Blousey, I struggled not to fill the pot with water when using it in the shower, wasting it, so I racked my brains and my empties box and came up with a solution…


Tah-dah! No more worries about having a mostly liquid shampoo in a screw-top pot, and maybe the pump will help me to use this more slowly… maybe?



While I was in town, I also grabbed a couple of skincare samples, to see if there was anything I could do about my Aqua Marina issues (love the effects, hate the fishy smell!). I love a good scrub, so I’m looking forward to trying out the lime-y-vodka-y Ocean Salt scrub and the gently exfoliating Herbalism cleanser – maybe I’ll find something to replace Aqua Marina, or even work alongside it if I can get over the essential tuna-ness of it!

Have you tried any of these? I know a lot of people swear by Ocean Salt, so I have high hopes… In the meantime, what’s your HG facewash? I could do with some recommendations – I want something to use in the shower in the mornings, but preferably non-foaming, or very little foam. Help me!

Asha x

4 thoughts on “Mini Lush Haul!

  1. I love Ocean Salt, it tastes pretty nice too (when I accidentally lick my lips while using, I don’t eat it on purpose!) Lush seem to have some lovely things in as usual! 🙂 xx

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