Collective Style and Beauty Haul


I’ve been shopping quite a bit over the last few days – cocktails with the Oxford Fashion Week team, a ‘Persian harem’ themed party and a few moments of pure indulgence have led to a pretty good haul, and a fairly random one!


I found this pretty Motel teal silk skirt in a charity shop in town – it’s quite short, but how cute is that bow? For some reason it really reminds me of Ariel from the Little Mermaid, so I’ll have to see what I can come up with to go with it – I think it’d be cute with a black lace top for a smart night out.

These pointy suede shoes are a lot greener than they look in this photo, but they’re still a really gorgeous colour. These caught my eye in Primark, and for only £5, I couldn’t resist! I’m late onto the pointy flats wagon, but I’ve been wanting some for ages, and these seem pretty perfect.


So perfect, in fact, that I bought them in purple, too. Oops. Oh well, autumn flats is always a good thing!

The thing I actually went into Primark originally for was these red heels – I forgot to bring any heels to Oxford with me, and when you’re having cocktails with fashionistas, you really want to be stiletto-ed up. These are really simple suede court shoes, but they’re the perfect height, really comfortable, and a beautiful shade of corally red. Suede shoes never last too long (you can see they’re already a little scuffed), but hey, they were only £10. They’re nice for now!

The rather large, very gold necklace and belt here are both from New Look, and were bought in aid of the aforementioned ‘harem’ party – I wore a crop top and maxi skirt, both bright pink, and accessorised with massive ornate gold jewellery, which I was relieved to find out was pretty much spot on. The belt was £4.99, and the necklace £6.99, but student discount always helps! I really want to find ways to incorporate the necklace into every day wear, but it’ll be a very brave day – it’s the biggest statement I’ve ever seen!


Lastly from Primark, I couldn’t resist this forest green damask skater dress – I’m a sucker for a square sweetheart neckline, and the whole thing is so flattering. I may well have to pop back and pick it up in purple too – for £13, it’s not exactly going to break the bank! I think this could work for day or night, depending on how you accessorised it…


And now, beauty bits! Let’s just edge round that big Rose Jam elephant for a little while, and focus on the little things:

I really wanted to pick up the Body Shop’s new Dragonfruit Lip Butter, and I’m glad I did. It tastes and smells incredible! And as if that wasn’t good enough, 100% of the profits go to charity, and it won’t hurt your purse too much, at £4.

I also seem to have solved my Aqua Marina dilemma – with Fresh Farmacy! This solid face wash smells great, feels great and basically is just the answer to my non-foaming face wash dreams. And at £4.75 for 100g, that’s really pretty good, since it lasts much longer than liquid face wash.

Okay. So. Psyched up for Rose Jam?

Rose Jam Rose Jam. I love you so very much. I am so glad you are a shower gel now. I am a bit ashamed that you cost quite so much. But I had to have you. I am very very happy to have you. I now smell awesome. (I will be reviewing you properly in a couple of days.)

So… Maybe I shouldn’t hit the shops for a little while? But I’m very pleased with everything in this extravagant little haul!

Asha x


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