Review: Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel

Oh, if you had any idea how much I just wanted to write “THE BEST THING EVER. JUST GO. GO BUY IT. NOW.” rather than a full review… You are being warned, this will probably be excessively gushing and full of superlatives. Because Rose Jam shower gel is incredible!


Oh my gosh. Where to begin? Okay, let’s keep this simple, with bullet points. 


  • This has the scent of Rose Jam bubbleroon and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, two of my very favourite products from Lush.
  • In case that doesn’t mean anything to you, it smells amazing. This is not old-lady-rose, and it’s not fresh-green-rose. This is sticky-sweet, sugary, almost cloying turkish-delight-rose, and it is heavenly.
  • It smells good enough to eat. Don’t, though. Save it so you smell awesome.
  • The scent is really long lasting, and actually has pretty good projection, so people will tell you that you smell nice.
  • This stuff (and Ro’s Argan) is boy-nip. Seriously. They will fall at your feet on the street and worship you as a sweet-smelling goddess.
  • Oh, and, um, it cleans you nicely, I suppose!


  • It’s only available online, making that hefty Lush price tag even heftier, since there’s no free delivery option.
  • It’s limited edition, and I can’t find any information as to how long it’s around for.
  • It’s quite runny, and a couple of times I’ve used a little too much – no! My precious!


Were all those positives about the scent? Yeah, mostly. But I can’t big it up enough. If you want to test the smell for yourself, then pop into Lush and give the Rose Jam bubbleroons a sniff – I can almost promise that you’ll fall in love. For someone who loves rose as much as I do, a love affair with this shower gel was destined to be, and I’ll let you in on a little secret: my local Lush team went mental when they heard I’d already received mine, so you could say that they’re pretty damn excited too. (Seriously, there was whooping.)


Um, what are you still here for? Get over to Lush’s site now!

Will you be getting hold of this, or did you read this entire thing shaking your head at my obsession?

Asha x

21 thoughts on “Review: Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel

  1. I did not know they did a shower gel in this scent – you have seriously just improved my day!! I love this smell, I had the bubble bar in my room for a week before I used it and my room smelt amazing!

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    • Yes, they’ve since released it so it’s in UK stores too! Although it’s still limited edition… It’s not got soap, but I like the Rosie gift set – Rose Jam bubbleroon, a mini pot of Ro’s Argan, Amandopondo bubble bar and Rose Queen bath bomb. Such a nice gift! )

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