Foodies Festival Snaps and a Tasty Haul

Something a little bit different for you today – a little more of a lifestyle post than usual.

As part of the promotion for Dress Up Live Friday , Boyfriend and I spent Monday afternoon at the Foodies Festival in Oxford, taking pictures of all the cool stylish people there and soaking up the sun and the awesome atmosphere. We had so much fun, what with the great weather, lovely tasters, free drinks and general loveliness of everyone there.


This lovely guy made us the snazziest G&Ts – mine was strawberry and black pepper, which was so awesome!


Pretty macarons! We bought several 🙂


If you run a crepe business, what better name for it could there be than ‘What a Load of Crepes’! These guys were lovely, and they run the Old Bookbinders’ Inn in Jericho, which I’ve always meant to go to, so that’s a trip for next term.




More cheese!


The Montezuma chocolate boys were hilarious!


Jonathan Luker from Samuelson’s of Witney, a ‘proper’ soft drinks company with absolutely gorgeous fizzy flavours – that’s him on the bottle, when he was small, and he’s barely changed…P1010647

The guys from Joe&Seph popcorn were hilarious – you should totally follow them on Twitter: @joeandseph. Their gourmet popcorn was amazing; really unusual flavours, but all of them delicious.

But my favourite stall-holder, I think, was Nick from The Copper Pot. Here he is, in his historical gladrags, grinding out the cocoa butter for his historically accurate hot chocolate:


And now, take a little look at all the goodies we got!


From The Copper Pot, we bought two bags of historical hot chocolate, which is made to heirloom recipes and tastes incredible. It’s spicy and gingerbready and rich and will be a real treat when the weather turns.

Then there’s two bottles of “proper soft drinks” from Samuelsons of Witney, a Black Cherryade (which has a hint of toffee, so yummy) and Sparkling Blackberry – we spent ages chatting to these guys, and they were so nice! Their drinks are pretty damn awesome too.

I also bought some really floral honey from Alasia – this is really sweet and flowery, like nectar – and Boyfriend bought some Za’atar. …We might have eaten some of the macarons we bought, but aren’t they just the cutest things, with their bright colours? The ones we have left are Bubblegum, Cherry and Chocolate Orange, and we ate Rose and Raspberry and Blackberry, I think. And last but by no means least, some Apple Crumble chocolate from Montezuma, which I haven’t tried yet but sounds like my perfect treat.

Were you at Foodies? What do you think of my little posh food haul? I had the most excellent time, so thanks very much Oxford Fashion Week for sending me!

Asha x


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