What I Wore… Er… Months Ago…

These photos are from before the end of term, but I’ve just recovered them from Boyfriend’s camera, and thought that it was still a pretty outfit, so why not post it now?


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Review: Soap and Glory Slimwear Body Balm


I first picked up Soap and Glory’s Slimwear about six years ago, when I was first attempting to lose weight, but lost interest in both the weight-loss and this supposedly cellulite-busting cream quite quickly. Having been shut at the back of a drawer for a while, I’m aware that this cream might not be at its best, but since I’ve been trying to use it up, I thought I’d give you a little peek at how I’m finding it a second time round.  Continue reading

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Wow, do I feel loved! First the Liebster award, now the Versatile Blogger award in the space of a couple of weeks! A massive thank you to PearlsnHeels for nominating me – you should check out her blog too for all sorts of tidbits of make up and beauty awesomeness.

  • The rules are that you must post the award, and who nominated you for it on the post!
  • You have to give 15 awards to 15 other bloggers that really deserve to receive it.
  • Then post 7 amazing things about yourself, what makes you and your blog special!

I’m really not convinced I can think of 7 more interesting facts about me, but here goes…

  1. I feel twitchy if I set my alarm clock to any number other than one that ends in 0 or 5. I just couldn’t wake up at 6:47, it has to be 6:45 or 6:50.
  2. I really hate dyeing my hair – I love having different colours, but I hate the actual application of it!
  3. My favourite number is 56. I don’t know why. Continue reading

Mini Lush Haul!




Just a couple of little additions to my hoard! I helped a very lovely friend rearrange her room a bit over the weekend, and had a really fun time doing so. Unexpectedly, this led to my favourite kind of thank you – Lush things!  Continue reading

Would You Rather?

I’ve been meaning to do this post for ages – the beautiful Maya at Playing with Fashion tagged me in the Would You Rather tag last month, and then I was on holiday, and working, and it just completely slipped my mind. Still, I’m up for it now; these seem like really good fun questions!P1000863 Continue reading

How The Other Half Lives


Or indeed, how I live, when I’m with the other half!

I travel up to Oxford to stay with Boyfriend most weekends in the holidays, and I can be so bad at packing sometimes that I’d forget all my beauty essentials if I didn’t already have them there. So I keep a little set of products (and obviously, a hairbrush and contact lenses and all that) at his house to make my life a little easier.

By now, you should all know how much I adore Lush’s Eau Roma toner, left (not yet? See my review here!). I don’t actually have any cleanser at Boyfriend’s, and to be honest, I’m often too tired to bother with the full cleansing business in the evenings when I’m visiting in Oxford – there’s too much to do! I just spritz with this, and then moisturise.

I follow that up with Nivea Pure and Natural night cream, on the right,  which is a relatively light cream with a floral smell. It suits my skin really well, and makes sure those late nights don’t show up in the morning! In the daytime, I’ve been enjoying using the green Garnier Moisture Match day cream, in the middle – it has a really gorgeous fresh scent, feels lovely on my skin, and has a matte effect, which is great for mornings when you’re short on time, as it makes a great base for make up.

I couldn’t go a whole weekend without some form of moisturising, and I adore this REN Moroccan Rose Otto body cream, second left. I got this tiny sample in a magazine a little while ago, and fell in love with it – it has a gorgeous musky rose scent that I find really relaxing and luxurious. I wish I could afford a full-size tube of this!

Speaking of samples, that teeny tiny bottle (second right) holds the most gorgeous shower gel, Feel Good Formulas Bergamot and Ginger which I liberated from a hotel about a year ago. The scent, as well as being divine, reminds me of the brilliant trip when I picked it up, so I’m reluctant to finish it off, but you can see there’s really not much left…

Obviously I bring make up with me, but I tend to change that up each week depending on how I feel. This week I’ve got my staple Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, Naked palette and No7 mascara, and I’ve chosen Bourjois Rose Ambre blush and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush, as well as Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter, to mix things up.

Do you keep a spare set of beauty bits somewhere, like a partner’s house or at work? I’d love to see what makes the cut for you!

Asha x