Oxford Fashion Week Dress Up LiveFriday at the Ashmolean!


Friday night was the big night! The Ashmolean was taken over by Oxford Fashion Week for a night filled with fashion delights, from catwalks to workshops, from exhibitions to showcases. Let me take you on a quick tour of the event with my photos!

Getting ready backstage…


The awesome ‘live window display’ from Exclusive Roots, Oxford’s Fair Trade accessories and gifts shop.


A rather blurry shot of three levels of fashion-y goings on…P1020328

One of the segments of the Style Bloggers Showcase, featuring Lexie of Lexie’s Floordrobe (right) and her models.


Looking stylish in a hat from Louise Pocock!


The catwalk models descending the main staircase.


A piece of beautiful cloth from the East meets West workshop…


A beautifully lit statue in the main atrium.

I also had the opportunity to meet some of the most stylish Oxonians as they wandered the museum – check out these beautiful ladies:

These two ladies had the most fascinating stories to tell about their outfits and lives. Jane Mollison, on the left, entertained me for ages with stories of her travels in China as a VSO – her beautiful jacket was tailor-made for her by an old-fashioned tailor in southwest China, her bag is a traditional pattern from the Aka tribe, and her trousers are made by the Hani people. Dinah Adams’ gorgeous long coat is from Uzbekistan – just look at that embroidery! I could have talked to these ladies for hours and hours, so I’m sad I only got a few minutes with them.

All in all, then, a hectic but very enjoyable night – but for me the best part wasn’t even any of the great activities or shows laid on by OFW, but the chance to meet people immersing themselves in their own fashion and style, and to really get to talk to people about their passions and mine. A fantastic night – keep an eye out for the official galleries and wrap-ups over at the OFW Facebook page.

Asha x




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