The Starting Off Project: Week 2, Concealer!

Wow, this week’s gone quickly – it’s already time for the second installment of Steph’s SO Project!

Did you see my introductory post about skincare last week? Check it out here, then come back for week two!

Ready? Then here we go: my take on concealer.

IMG_2291I’m just going to apologise now for the state of the photos over the next few days – I appear to have left my camera charger in Oxford, so I’m relying on my good old iPhone and its bad old camera. Sorry!

Why bother?

Well, if you’re blessed with perfect skin – no under-eye circles, no blemishes, no red patches – then you don’t need to bother at all. The rest of us mortals, however, sometimes need a little bit of help to even out our skintone before we apply foundation, so that we don’t need six layers of foundation to look one colour! 

I’ve actually only recently started using concealer since I moved away from mousse foundation – that was heavy enough to cover any dark circles I had (although it also made me look weirdly velvety and orange – more on that next week though). When I switched to using my medium coverage liquid foundation, I found I needed something a little bit more heavy-duty to deal with my under-eye circles (and the occasional spot, although I don’t often get them). That’s where concealer comes in!


How to do it!

First, you’ll need to select a concealer that looks good with your skintone and your foundation – I am very pale, so I use the lightest shade usually. You also need one you like the texture of, that’s not too heavy or cakey. I love Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer (I use shade 51, on the right above), and will use my mum’s Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer in a pinch (she uses shade 2, but 1 would be better for me. 2 is ont he left above). They might not look quite right on your hand/arm if you swatch them neat, so try to blend them out. Both colours in the picture above look awful when unblended, but blended, just look, much better (if a blurry phot)!IMG_2290

Take a very small amount of concealer either on a brush or on your finger, and pat it gently into the area you want to cover until the colour is more even. I usually put concealer under my eyes (to deal with dark circles), under my eyebrows (to cover a couple of bright veins), across the bridge of my nose and round my nostrils (for redness) and of course, on any spots. You may not need it in these places – only you know your face!

Remember, you can add more but not take it away, so go slow. You don’t want tide marks around your eyes, or worse around a spot! For me it was trial and error to cover my eye circles enough but not too much, so have a practice. You’ll soon work out what coverage you need.

I’m fairly new to concealer myself, so remember this is only what works for me! I’m really interested to see other people’s favourite brands and uses for concealer, so if you’re part of the SO Project, leave me your links!

Are you a concealer fan? What advice do you have?

Asha x


13 thoughts on “The Starting Off Project: Week 2, Concealer!

    • Well, the foundation is my Holy Grail, so to be honest I only picked up the concealer because I like to have matching products (day and night cream, shampoo and conditioner, foundation and concealer)… 😛 But I do really like it as a concealer, it must be said!
      The SO Project is a bit exciting, isn’t it 🙂 I’m loving finding so many new blogs to follow!

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